My Favorite Thanksgiving Memory Was…

I have so many Thanksgiving memories under my belt…I remember being in my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Ruby’s house down in Hemet, CA and just being dumbfounded that they had rocks in their front yard instead of a lawn.  Rocks.  Who does this? They are allowed to have a rock garden, and I get in trouble for putting rocks in the lawn?  Where is the justice in this?

I remember the football games, I remember my eyes being way bigger than the turkey leg, and I remember starting my own Thanksgivings in my home.


Good times.

But my favorite Thanksgiving memory is from a few years ago.

I am a sucker for parades, so we were watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade while I was puttering in the kitchen that morning.

I love parades. I watch the Rose Parade every.single.year without missing a beat.  I love the flowers and the creativity and the amazing community they bring together to celebrate the new year.  I broke down in tears the first time I watched the Disney parade with my kids, so naturally I was going nuts over the balloons and bands while I was watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

But as soon as the Rockettes came out…my daughters lost it.


Good heavens, they are coordinated. 

They ran upstairs and got a couple pairs of Mom’s heels, then ran downstairs and were dancing with the Rockettes.

There is nothing sweeter than watching your daughters dream, and every clumsy kick in oversized gold heels was one more dream they believed in.  They made me rewind the DVR quite a few times so they could practice, and I had no problem indulging in their request.

That was absolutely my favorite Thanksgiving memory, and I am recording today’s parade to let the kids dream a little more.

What was your favorite Thanksgiving memory?


You Are Not Wonder Woman, And Neither Am I.

There is so much going on in my head these days, I don’t even know where to begin.

I am usually a little better at being in control of things, but right now I feel like I am slowly being swallowed up by lists.  Lists and lists and lists of things to get done.

WonderWoman never had this problem.



Turn from classy suburban woman to Wonder Woman in 4 easy steps!

We are moving…at some point.  I have to start the process of calling realtors.

We need to sell our house…soon. So we need to fix our yards and get the house in order.

I have laundry to do and trim back…there is no way I am taking all this laundry with us into our new house.

We have to do stuff around the house, I’m sure. There are always 10,000 things I can fiddle with, and even finish, on any given day.


But with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, it puts a lot of these things on hold.  Kind of. I mean, it’s not so much of a rush, but we should get started. On something. In some manner…except that we’re moving, so how many of those projects are important anymore?  And we only have two more days this week, since Thursday is Thanksgiving, so should I even begin anything, or…

My stomach is suddenly in knots just thinking about abandoning the projects.  Or not abandoning them.  Or giving up and starting again on this process next week, except that it is only Tuesday today and I can’t picture myself wasting this entire week when I could use the time to accomplish something.  Somewhere.


I am completely unable to move right now.  


The paralysis of being overwhelmed sucks, and I can’t cuddle with my toddler in bed watching Doc McStuffins all day.  (right?)  I’m trying to get one load of laundry done today, and considering it a huge victory.  Today.

But I don’t want tomorrow to be like today…I don’t want to be stuck in “Overwhelmed Paralysis” all week.

It is okay to be overwhelmed when you feel overwhelmed, but you aren’t going to get out of this hole unless you pull yourself out of it.


 1. Do what you can do, but don’t do everything.

I am not going to deep clean this house before we leave. I am going to hire someone to take care of that after we get our stuff out.

I need to thin the laundry. I need to cook the meals. I need to take care of people in my house.

I don’t need to re-sod the yard.  So I’m just not going to think about that at all. Or about painting the walls white and never seeing the vibrant pink I put in the girls’ room, or the rolling green hills we painted in the boys’ room…or my beloved purple kitchen and living room.

I am totally not thinking about any of this.  Totally.


2. TTOG – Topic, Time, Owner, Goal.

“That is, What are we talking about? How long are we going to spend on it? Who’s responsible for it? (that is, who’s ‘on point’ for moving it forward), and – this one’s important – Why are we discussing it?  If you make a habit of clarifying these things (or asking others to clarify it for meetings they own)  everyone’s time will be much better spent.” (credit)

Found this on, and it is a really good idea for Moms, especially during holiday season.



3. Stop Working in the Evenings.

Make it a point to stop working after 6.  I know that sounds like the most absurd idea on earth…but this was actually something I implemented on myself when I first started my SAHM gig.

When I worked, I left my work at work.  Once I started working at home, I never left work and there is always something else to work on.  My burnout levels were incinerating, and I needed to make a big change.  When I worked, I came home in the evening and stopped working; why wasn’t I relaxing now?

If your burnout levels are critical, make it a point to stop working in the evenings.

Relax with your family, watch some TV, make some amazing tea: do something to relax.  But working around the clock is going to kill your energy levels the next day, and you will be so mentally exhausted you won’t be able to think straight.  This isn’t a good place to be, so don’t go there.


ohnoyoudidntDon’t even go there, girlfriend.


4. If You Are Overwhelmed, You Aren’t Smiling. Find A Way To Smile, Everyday.

This is crucial to remember.  Watch a very funny movie at night with someone.  Figure out how to make popcorn on the stove.

Have a beer.

Yes, I am advocating having a beer at night because you are a responsible adult who needs to relax.  Go to a liquor store and find your craft beer section.  Anything by Stone or Heretic is fantastic.

But if you don’t smile, you’ll forget how.  And then you’ll look like this.




5. Sync Your Breaths With This. It’s Nice.

Big Huge Picture Blop: I’m Not Annotating Any of This ;)

Okay, well maybe a little.

We took a walk through downtown Seattle this morning and hit some big touristy things.

We got doughnuts at Top Pot (they looked pretty sensational).  We went to the Public Market and watched guys throw fish and yell at people.  I ended up giving my phone to Glenn to take pictures, which is always interesting.  Not in a “what was that” kind of interesting…but my focus is mostly on seeing stuff, and making sure the kids don’t get lost.  So he saw things I didn’t know were there!  It was fun going through the pictures when we got back.

IMG_0124 IMG_0126 IMG_0148 IMG_0152 IMG_0197 IMG_0203 IMG_0216 IMG_0239 IMG_0266 IMG_0284 IMG_0288 IMG_0290 IMG_0291 IMG_0296 IMG_0322 IMG_0325 IMG_0327 IMG_0328 IMG_0329 IMG_0330 IMG_0332 IMG_0335 IMG_0336 IMG_0338 IMG_0351 IMG_0359 IMG_0363 IMG_0365 IMG_0371 IMG_0397 IMG_0415 IMG_0420 IMG_0422 IMG_0427 IMG_0429 (1) IMG_0429 IMG_0430 IMG_0453 IMG_0455 IMG_0460 IMG_0464 IMG_0466

Seattle: Day 1 Photo Gallery



This has been a non-stop weekend…no joke!


We spent our 14 hour drive in small gas stations, clearing bugs off the window.

IMG_0033 This is Shasta Lake, which I have never seen so dry in my life.  I have snorkeled in this lake throughout my youth, and there is hardly any water left.  It is very concerning.

IMG_0034Hour 4 into the trip.


Mt. Shasta!  So beautiful. But I am going to jump from the 14 hour drive to…the condo! W00t! I am guarding shoes like a dragon.





Chillin’ by the Sound, playing with ducks.



Also hit a Farmer’s Market in Fremont. Nice place…very quiet.


Getting a lay of the land, driving through neighborhoods, getting a feel for everything.




Don’t underestimate how many hills are in Seattle.  There are a ton.


Pioneer Square


Utilikilts!  W00t!!  Totally seals the deal.


The Seattle Art Museum is HUGE, and there will be more pictures later.


Getting a feel of downtown Seattle.


I had to get at least one picture of a Starbucks cafe`. They are everywhere, obviously 🙂


We spent the rest of the day looking at houses in different places.  This was the driveway of one house, which was pretty darn beautiful.  Not a good house for us, but the front yard was gorgeous.


And this is the lounge that Ben sent me to on our roof, where I got to relax by myself.  It was then where the enormity of “Seattle” started sinking in.  Driving around all day, looking at houses in Ballard, Fremont, Eastlake, Lake Sammamish, Issaquah and a little bit of Renton…I was bushed, overwhelmed and running on adrenaline.  And it was the first day.

Just staring at the Sound was relaxing, and comforting.  I watched a few ferries come in and unload a ridiculous amount of cars from it’s hull, people walking off and going home.  The ferris wheel was turning slowly next to me.

This is going to be a big change.  This is going to change the course of our kids’ futures.  They are going to have completely different childhoods than I had.  I won’t go to the same stores, I won’t see the same people, I won’t have the same routines.  I won’t even be wearing the same clothes (oh man, I took my shoes and socks off asap.  I am a barefoot person, and socks were killing me).

It was a good time though. Just reflecting on everything, watching the water.


And then we went to dinner at the pub downstairs 🙂  The waitress lived in SF for 6 years, and she loved talking about the differences between there and here.  It was a great time…I love pubs. They are always friendly and comfortable.


And this one had Irish Coffees with cinnamon swirlies, which totally made my day 😉


Gwyneth Paltrow’s All-Star Gift Guide for the Nobility

 tumblr_n5fpppxh6w1snxfj7o6_250No, we are not nobility.


I kind of love Gwyneth Paltrow.

There is something mesmerizing about her.  Something otherworldly.  Something…so completely out of touch with reality, I just can’t look away.  I flipped through her cookbook once, and honestly it wasn’t that bad.  I mean, granted, when she was talking about how much she loved apples, she was referencing an apple orchard she used to run through as a kid somewhere on the East Coast…Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard, or some epic place we have never heard of before; and furthermore, if I ever wanted to enjoy those apples, I would be arrested for touching sacred apples on sacred land.

But, she had some good recipes for apples in her sacred scrolls we refer to as a “cookbook,” so it’s not all bad.


On the other hand, I refuse to accept her as Pepper Potts, so there’s also that.


Pepper_Potts_IM3 Is this door gluten free? Because I can only touch gluten free doors.


The fact of the matter is that she is a hard working woman raising kids with her uncoupled husband, and really doing well for herself.  I can’t fault her for being successful.


I am totally going to make fun of her Gift Guide.  Because it is pretty epic, in only an epic way GOOP could manage:






1) Easy Health  Angel Juicer,Gold – $5,000



GOOP Description : “Absurd, but awesome.”

My Description: I bought a juicer once, years and years ago. It was pretty expensive for me at the time ($80-ish?).  Turns out, I’m not a juice person. I used it a few times, but I was so underwhelmed with juice, I just walked away and didn’t clean it. So mold/fruit flies got in, and it never worked again. I’m just not that excited about juice.

Know what I am excited about? Purple Vespas that are worth $5,000










2) Travel Backgammon – $550


GOOP Description: “Hours of entertainment in one slick little case.”

My Description: I know when we are on a 14 hour road trip, there is no other game the kids will want to play in the backseat than backgammon.  When you are driving over the bumpy California highways, those little pieces stay right where they are supposed to be and no one gets so angry that they throw the board out the window! (that might be me. Not the kids.)  Ah, the hours and hours of my childhood playing backgammon.

No, actually…I have only played it once and then stopped because it is so mind-numbingly-boring.  Hours of entertainment??  Are you kidding??

The funniest part is this:

do-prod7 If you scroll down her list, you can find this backgammon set for only $120! It’s a   steal!!





 3)  Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table – $3,500



GOOP Description: “A total investment, but the kid in us can dream.”

My Description: This thing looks like it is made out of aluminum, and I guarantee you it is going to break before Christmas dinner is served.  The site describes it as, “An all-terrain foosball table for the all too-dedicated foosball competitor.”  Which means you can put this on your personal ice rink, you can bring it on your private Lear Jet, it can fit in your marble bathtub or you can set it up in the nanny’s quarters…because you certainly don’t want to be listening to this racket all night.


4) French/Spanish Bingo – $16


GOOP Description: “Why not mix it up?”

My Description: I’m a little confused. It’s only $16 and not plated in gold.  Is this for the kids?  Really. You are going to spend $16 on your kids. And it’s not gold plated.

I don’t get it.

Auch nahm ich Deutsch in der Schule, so dass dies nichts fur mich.




5) Bruder Toys Mack Granite Garbage Truck – $80 


kids-prod25GOOP Description: “It’s like toddler crack.”

My Description: This has to be the best one on her list. It’s just a plastic truck on Amazon, but “it’s like toddler crack.” Is this what blue collar workers get their kids?  $80 trucks?  It’s like going to Africa and buying the regional clay jars they use to make food, and putting it on your counter as art.  You’re kind of missing the point.  But the toddler is happy.  I mean, it’s crack.  Who isn’t happy on crack?


6) LEGO: Build the Maersk ‘Triple-E’ container vessel – $149 



GOOP Description: “This is for the advanced Lego tech.”

My Description: My kids are into Legos.  Show me one kid who isn’t.  But…I’m a little iffy on this choice.  A Maersk container vessel?  Not Star Wars, not castles, not something imaginative…a Maersk container vessel?  Nothing says “Mom doesn’t get Legos” like a Maersk container vessel.  No offense to Lego Corp.



7. McDonald’s Lid – $115


Gsee-prod9OOP Description: “Tom Sachs tackles the McDonald’s coffee lid.”

My DescriptionI had to stare at this for a good, full 5 minutes to convince myself this was actually what I was looking at.

This is…a plate. Sculpted to look like a McDonald’s coffee lid.

I try not to get too butthurt about class wars, but this kind of stuff always bothers me.  The other day I was remembering about the day we visited Harvard.  It’s a hallowed place in America, and we were in the area: why not check it out.  So we took the family to a hamburger joint nearby, and they had the “Blue Collar Burger.”  This burger had nothing on it but a pickle, because blue collar workers can’t afford anything else.  I was so pissed off at this, it just drove me nuts.  I hate looking down your nose at people, whether they have money or not.  This kind of “art” that trivializes different classes will never sit well in my soul.  Off soapbox.


8) Lemon Cypress Tree – $39.95



GOOP Description: “A gift that literally keeps on giving.”

My Description: I just want to be clear that this is a cypress tree.  Not a lemon tree.  It is an evergreen tree that you can put on your table.

Soo, this tree doesn’t give you anything.

I literally can’t even.






Okay, let’s speed things up….


Clothes, House Accessories and a Thermos:




A custom painting of books. – $250







“So much fancier than a paper carton” – $12






It’s salt. Who gives a pound of salt for Christmas? – $18





Nail bangle – $7,600






“For mid-flight naps.” Because I can always sleep with my kids mid-flight. – $52







You can either wear this, or the blanket on the back of the couch. It’s up to you. – $3,190
















 GOOP: “Not exactly flattering, but so good.” 

Sexy, flattering bathrobes are found at Trashy, anyway.







I know when I think about Christmas for my daughters, I think gold hot pants. – $54




It’s a glass jar. – $480







It’s something, that’s for sure. – $12,000








National State Park Thermos.  For Christmas. Another hard to beat gift. – $39.50 






and finally…. 




Rosebud. – $Priceless.



Correspondence With Costa Rica: Letters From Anna – With The Wind Under My Wings

10704065_10102701345204384_4323185000396080529_nWriters’ gonna write.


Wow! The first few weeks went slow. The last few have flown by! I cannot believe it is already November! I thought I would just share a few moments.

I have been working on making it a habit to go down to the beach or to ride my bicycle somewhere new to explore a few times each week. It has been just cool enough to write without sweating dripping down my fingers and smudging the pages. I am thankful that it is so easy to get to beautiful places to sit and think.

16164_10102714853309034_4070307786893635406_nDreutch fixing Anna’s breaks

553233_10102724324678334_5775795318973635891_nShots from Anna’s bike rides.

1522188_10102724324843004_4626834707735190771_nThese are so beautiful, it is just crazy.


Dreutch was sick a few times these past few weeks. When I wasn’t stressing out that he had dengue or typhoid or some crazy sickness, I got a chance to learn a few things about medicine in a different country. (Note to self – using google to look up symptoms for hours can lead to rabbit trails and paranoia.) Over the counter medications are not available at the small supermarkets in town. They are at the Farmacias – tiny little pharmacies – like Walgreens, just without any of the extra random things for sale. You explain your symptoms to the pharmacist and they find you what they think will help the most. Awesome right! Unfortunately, my lack of understanding of the difference between the Spanish words for dry cough and wet cough meant that I walked away with Mucinex. Dreutch promptly rejected that solution. The next day I returned after googling “Costa Rica Nyquil” and finding out, thanks to a random twitter post that it is called Tabcin. Insert Anna’s most professional doctor voice: “Dreutch is doing fine now. While we feared the worst, we are happy to report that it was just a version of the flu. A full recovery is expected.” No need for me to break out my new knowledge of manual rehydration techniques in case of severe dehydration caused from any number of serious tropical illnesses… yet….

New vocabulary that matters: Tos seca – dry cough. Fiebre – fever. Etc. etc.

New vocabulary that’s just fun: Speed bumps are called muertas, which means dead people. Bahahaha… Wait… that’s disturbing…

Harvest Festival

We helped with the Fall Harvest Festival that the church put on and we had just as much fun, maybe more… than the kids did. We had a bounce house, tons of games, and carnival food. I am not going to lie; I had a lot of fun fishing for kids. I mean… running the cookie on a string booth.

1176110_1422252998035657_5638879371809931644_n        10511178_1412823242311966_1851069491096426_n 10696179_1412823892311901_6330419499417140330_n 10703974_1412824112311879_7677672104174374199_n 10710724_1412823158978641_849956269232313155_n

Dreutch has been enjoying his return to playing beach volleyball! We also enjoyed hanging out outside of volleyball on Halloween with this group.

1958194_10102739627491374_5535074900258946504_nAnna’s friend, Christina, being awesome.

1689944_10102739627486384_1904036219194920620_nDreutch, being awesome.

When Dreutch wasn’t sick we started to do a few adventuresome/touristy things – We spent a Sunday afternoon on a local catamaran – my first time snorkeling! I was so surprised when I actually saw a fish! (or 50) Dreutch and his friends have been spear fishing a few times… and we had Sashimi again the other day. Yea!


Cheers to your adventures wherever you are.

May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.

JRR Tolkein – The Hobbit

One last photo….this is why I love these two.  They packed the Thor costume and took it with them 🙂


Women: The Most Amazing Multitaskers…of Emotions


There are a lot of living creatures in my house.

5 kids, 1 husband, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 7 chickens.
They all need something, all the time, and I am generally the one giving it to them.  Generally…specifically, I delegate or let Ben take over when I need a break.  There is a balance to the system, but “generally,” Ben provides for the home and I provide in the home.

There are days when someone/thing is sitting on me.

All day.

I remember there was one day when I had enough touching from 3 people trying to sit on me at once, so I just went to my bed and laid there for a second to connect with myself again. I absolutely love holding my kids.  But after an hour (or 12), I need a break.  So, I’m laying there in bed by myself, when my husband flops on me and wanted to talk. Which is awesome, because I love Ben and I love talking with him.  So then he leaves, and I’m back to just laying there by myself again… and the cat jumps on me.

I’ve told people before that if you absolutely need time when no one is sitting on you or touching you, go take a shower.  For the most part…I mean, I’m a mother.  Sometimes I get ambushed in there too…

smile_hide_overwhelmedright, ladies?

The problem for women is when there is no break or balance to the system, and we are overloaded.  This happens when we are taking care of a sick family member, our elderly parents, a friend in need, or other stressful events in life.  Maybe you are moving, maybe you just moved, maybe work sucks, maybe there is no work.  And with holiday season coming up, there are office parties, school parties, church parties, ladies night out parties, presents to buy, food to prepare, the house to clean (ahahahahahaha….), and people to take care of.  This can get overwhelming faster than you realize.  You might be overwhelmed just thinking about this…stay with me!  (focus!)

The thing is, women (in general) tend to take on the emotional burden for the entire situation and everyone involved; and most of the time we don’t realize we are doing it, either.

In times when women feel completely overwhelmed, the symptoms can be all over the place (I mean, hey…we’re women. Why limit yourself to one emotion, when we have +64?).  We might retreat and hide, we might be snippy with people we love, we might be horrible to ourselves in our heads, we might not see the point of doing anything anymore.

 This is emotional survival mode, and you need to treat it like that.

Women are great at multi-tasking, and people don’t realize that they are actually multi-tasking emotions, not tasks around the house.

Watching another woman enter into emotional survival mode is like watching someone bleed all over the place, and they insist it’s not that bad…but you just know they are going to fall over any second if they keep going at this pace.  You are going to have to triage yourself, otherwise you’ll bleed out.  Hide in the bathroom, or wherever you can, once an hour throughout the day in order to regroup with yourself.  You will need that time by yourself in order to heal.  You will get better in time, and you will feel happy again, and you won’t sound bitchy because you won’t feel bitchy.

During emotional survival mode, you need to pace yourself. Start journaling. Start with the crazy ass shit that sounds insane….and get it out of your system, and find yourself again.  Start actually talking to someone about this, and soon you will be able to talk about it without crying uncontrollably.  You will see the hope and it will motivate you to be strong, because you are a strong woman.

And I know we can do it 🙂


Making A Big Life: Going Through The Door



9 years ago we only had 2 little kids.

9 years ago I was still in my mid-20s.

9 years ago I wasn’t homeschooling, I wasn’t blogging, I wasn’t raising 5 kids, we didn’t own a house and we were still figuring things out, especially as new parents.


This morning I spent some quiet time drinking coffee at my desk, that Ben found at an old dairy nearby, and reflecting on where we were 9 years ago when Ben  started working at Joyent, when it was just a couple of crazy dudes in a backyard in Marin.

9 years ago we were another start up in Silicon Valley, with crazy (emphasis on crazy) ideas, intense individuals and schedules that just wouldn’t quit.  It was a cowboy kind of lifestyle, just holding the reins and hoping the wild horse you were riding…didn’t die.


I remember the first time we went to a Joyent BBQ at David Young‘s house, and it was just David Young and his beautiful family, Jason Hoffman, and some other guys whose names I can’t even remember (Ben would remember).  I think I remember there were the duelling Josh’s. I loved that BBQ in Marin.  The sky was slightly overcast, the backyard was open and green.  One of David’s daughters was just learning how to use the toilet, at the time, and her mom, Maria, had her on a great schedule of going to the bathroom once an hour.  If you’re going to do it, this is the way to do it!

(for the record, I have never done this.)

That day I was wearing a light green, Celtic beaded dress I had gotten at the Scottish Games, and it was absolutely my favorite dress on earth. It turns out, it was David’s daughter’s favorite dress, too, and since they had just gotten back from Disneyland she was certain that I was a princess.  She lost her little mind when she believed that her parents ordered a princess for her, and was absolutely delightful company, and insisted that the princess take her to the bathroom when she needed to go.  Naturally, Maria tried to convince her daughter that I was just Ben’s wife…but I didn’t mind at all, and the little girl was just so excited to show me around her bathroom and how she washes her hands and uses the towel.  I don’t know why that moment stuck out so much, but it has always been one of those fond memories of the day.  Perhaps it was the sheer innocence of the event that touched me.

That was such a lovely BBQ getting to know everybody at Joyent.


Soon after that we realized that they didn’t have corporate health care, and I was denied coverage because of “pre-existing conditions,” even with a doctor’s note “clearing” me.  So, that catapulted the company into figuring out how to get corporate health coverage! (whew.)

Then came the long nights of working, the days on end spent building server rooms all over the world, the meetings, the planning, the building, the growing and the incredible innovation that was changing the world…and while I did absolutely none of this, I knew what Ben was doing all the time.  I loved hearing about brainstorming, anger storming, venture capitalist storming and office drama.

Hey, I don’t work there…I’m cool  😉





Listen, drama is just part of Start-Up Life…and if it’s too hot for you, then get out of the kitchen, Sugar.

We saw people come in to Start-Up Life, and run screaming when they realized what was really going on.

This is not corporate America, folks,  where you clock in at 9 and someone hands you your agenda for the day.  Start-Up life is when the CTO hasn’t been paid in 5 years, everyone is working out of a 700 sqft office with IKEA room dividers, and you will drink with the CEO at company parties, because dammit, you need a stiff drink after finishing the last insane project on time, too.  Schedules will change hourly, as will the overall vision of the company, depending on whom you are talking to.

Start-Up Life suits us, and I don’t know how to explain it.  The adrenaline is extreme, the days are exciting, and what you are doing means something.  You are building a team, and it is your team, and you put your heart and soul into it.


Joyent was an intense adventure.  There are no two ways about it.  The highs were very high.  The lows were….sucky.  But aren’t they all?


But the days of Joyent are over; at least for this family!  It is no longer a company that has friendly BBQs in backyards.   Now they make the news with every idea, every change and every success they have in their board rooms and corporate office.  They are a different company than the one we knew.  I mean, no one even knows who Jill is anymore.


139222095_001d3f6120Jill was Joyent’s masthead, at least in the beginning.

It is a different time now, and time for us to move on.

And when God moves us, he doesn’t mess around: because He is moving us to Seattle.




This is the decision that has kept us talking for weeks about where the future is taking our family.  This is the crux of what has kept us wondering what would the responsible decision be for our family.  We live in a very comfortable little town in California, where it doesn’t rain much and we don’t really know how to use a scarf, other than for decorative purposes.  We have our routines here, we have our communities here.  I am friends with the tiny feedstore owner whom I get my chicken feed from.  We have played at local parks ever since the kids have been born.  I have skated these streets and explored the city…

but it is time for us to start exploring somewhere else, and that is CRAZY awesome!


I have lived in California my whole life.  I grew up in LosAngeles and I spent my married life in the Bay Area.  I have camped all over California, and I could tell you how to get to this weird farm with emus off highway 49.  I remember stopping off at their little store to get water one summer, and a dad and his daughter drove up on their matching Ducati motorcycles, and Nova (who might have been a year an a half at the time) spent the whole time very excitedly showing them the goats.  They thought it was great…another really fond memory.

I have 35 years of California memories, and now we are going to start making memories in Washington.


This is just crazy to think about.  I never thought we would ever leave California; especially not the Bay Area!

But life is a funny thing 🙂


Making a big life change is totally scary.  Especially as parents, you spend all your time thinking about what is best for the kids’ future, as well as your own.

But what if life gives you open doors, and you never go through them?




How will you ever find out what is up the stairs and beyond the trees?

My curiosity is much greater than my need to stay and continue doing the same things forever.


So, that’s what we are doing, folks 🙂   We are making a big life for us, and we are going through the door.