We May Have Taken A Weekend Trip to SanFrancisco. It May Have Been Awesome.


After over 21 years together, you would think that by now Ben and I would have traveled together on an airplane…just the two of us…at least once.

It didn’t occur to us, until we were seated on the plane, that this was actually the first time we had ever done this.

Which is crazy.

So, after waiting all this time, if you think we did not take full advantage of this occasion…you are very, quite sorely mistaken!
IMG_7116Breakfast of champions. In Economy, of course. IMG_7119
 Within a few hours, we went from a car, to a boat, to an airplane, and now we are on a train. Or Bart…IMG_7122
 Boy, the skies are sunny in CA during December! IMG_7125    Selfies while Ben is working.

IMG_7126  Date night with an engineer  😉

IMG_7127Finally done with work (for the night), and off to the Palace Hotel for cocktails!

IMG_7128 Unfortunately, I whacked a waiter carrying a billion empty wine glasses with my backpack, which he dropped, and we had to high-tail it outta there before they got my name.

True Story.

IMG_7131All I said was, “I think you should have Lagavulin with your steak,” and he gasped, and left. To the bar.

(He brought me back Buffalo Trace, because he is a good man)

IMG_7132 One of my favorite moments of the evening. In the bathroom.

(also a shot of one of my favorite dresses)

IMG_7134 My absolute favorite moment of the evening!! Sitting in the Poet’s chair, in the Poetry room, in City Lights. Totally walked out of there with a backpack full of books. And a shirt.

IMG_7138 Beautiful California morning from the safety of my beautiful California hotel room.

IMG_7139 Man, I remember these hills. I had to walk 3 blocks down this hill in 3 inch boots.

My feet are still swollen.

IMG_7144 But we made it to Union Square, which is one of my favorite places on earth. Especially in December with the tree!

IMG_7147 That is a 2 story tall Snoopy. Totally worth a photoshot!

IMG_7154 And back home…

IMG_7169  Which you can’t really argue with.

Home is better.



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