I Need Help. I Have No Idea How To Decorate A Tree.

Edler Weihnachtsbaum. Prächtig in Grün, Silber und Weiß herausgeputzt, steht der deckenhohe Christbaum im Mittelpunkt ? auch später, wenn die Geschenke an seinem Fuß schon ausgepackt sind
This is not my tree, nor my house. I mean, they put flaming candles on their tree. I might as well just throw in the towel.

There may be many things I can do in my life very well. I just spent a good amount of time researching winter vegetable recipe ideas, and have made an amazing B/L/D menu to last us throughout the remainder of the month.

This, I can do.

However, decorating a Christmas tree is not one of the things I excel in…

I have no idea what I’m doing.

In the past, I have tried to get ornaments that match…but 90% of the plastic ornaments I still have don’t have the tops anymore. I have no idea what alternate universe they have transported themselves to, since they should be on the ornament, but they are all gone.

I have these long tinsel things (“rope?”), but they are all broken in pieces for some reason.

Fortunately, we have a star for the top, and that’s somethin’….

But when I woke up this morning and came downstairs, only to see my very sad, pathetic, totally ugly tree that would even make Charlie Brown cringe , I realized I needed some help.

To Pinterest!

Here are some ideas I’ve found:

  1. Ribbon Will Save The Day –  I hate to say anything against ribbon, but although one or two of these trees look pretty…a few look like they are about to invade a beehive, and the other two look like gigantic Russian fruit cakes. So, maybe not.christmas-tree-decorating-ideas-ribbon-2015-hgejnznzDude, who puts sailboats on their tree…that is BOSS level decorating.
  2. A Pro Will Save The Day  –  I think it is a little weird, personally, to be a professional Christmas tree decorator…but that is probably what “interior designers” do. Unfortunately, I am not cut from this bolt of cloth. As I was telling a friend earlier, if it was up to me I would live in a hobbit hole, with a pet dragon, and a stream next to us filled with magical fish and cheerful newts. So, what I’m saying is that the whole “Macy’s Showroom House” is absolutely never going to happen in my home. But the pros do have some good ideas.DIY-Christmas-Tree-decoration-Ideas-4The 80s-Madonna of trees
  3. Something Simple – This is much more my style. I would prefer some burlap ribbon with clear bulbs and white lights…and call it a day.christmas-tree-ideas3It isn’t as simple as I’d like, but I kind of like the huge butterflies, and rose garlands.
  4. Burlap Trees – I do like this idea. Nice, simple, humble. how-to-decorate-a-tree

Well, that’s what I got!  What are you doing??


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