My Favorite Thanksgiving Memory Was…

I have so many Thanksgiving memories under my belt…I remember being in my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Ruby’s house down in Hemet, CA and just being dumbfounded that they had rocks in their front yard instead of a lawn.  Rocks.  Who does this? They are allowed to have a rock garden, and I get in trouble for putting rocks in the lawn?  Where is the justice in this?

I remember the football games, I remember my eyes being way bigger than the turkey leg, and I remember starting my own Thanksgivings in my home.


Good times.

But my favorite Thanksgiving memory is from a few years ago.

I am a sucker for parades, so we were watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade while I was puttering in the kitchen that morning.

I love parades. I watch the Rose Parade every.single.year without missing a beat.  I love the flowers and the creativity and the amazing community they bring together to celebrate the new year.  I broke down in tears the first time I watched the Disney parade with my kids, so naturally I was going nuts over the balloons and bands while I was watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

But as soon as the Rockettes came out…my daughters lost it.


Good heavens, they are coordinated. 

They ran upstairs and got a couple pairs of Mom’s heels, then ran downstairs and were dancing with the Rockettes.

There is nothing sweeter than watching your daughters dream, and every clumsy kick in oversized gold heels was one more dream they believed in.  They made me rewind the DVR quite a few times so they could practice, and I had no problem indulging in their request.

That was absolutely my favorite Thanksgiving memory, and I am recording today’s parade to let the kids dream a little more.

What was your favorite Thanksgiving memory?


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