Ever wonder what kind of people I run around with?
Wonder no more! For verily, they have websites, as well!


Friends & Family 


Screenshot 2015-05-15 09.21.10






Victoria MacMillan: Artist

Hike & Paint LA

Heather MacMillan: Mommyish(ly)



Dreutch Varner: Fanatical Sports

Anna Varner: Anna’s Writing Space


Jason Williams from Digitar: WebProtectMe

Rebekah Reddy: HalfIndianCook


The Ladies from 24 Volumes:

Ryan’s Vintage Blog

Baker Street Blues

Futuristic Nostalgia


Chef Hollie Green:


Ian Murdock



The Return of the Modern Philosopher 

 Lisa Tuttle: Hey Sparky

Ann Theidann: As I’m Inspired

Laurie Wade: What’Cha Thinkin’

Joann Eyster: GodCountryFamilyLove

Jack Treml: DownHouseSoftware

Regina Martins: Wide Eyed Wonder

Kayla Jo Garza: Tales of the Untamed

Julie Nyhoff: More Precious than Jewels

Anonymous Mommy

Mark Driscoll



Descriptive Thesaurus Collection

Color Collection



RSO requirements

RSO Course Description

NSA Available Online Courses


Absurd Life

Hunter S. Thompson-

20 Great Articles

11 Free Articles

Rolling Stone


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