It Happened To Me: I Fell Off The Face Of The Earth…Once School Started.

You may have noticed that once September landed upon us, as a lead weight of freshly sharpened pencils, my writing went from daily, to weekly, to nothing.

Which made me rather sad, if I am going to be honest.  I enjoyed writing every day. I loved writing ridiculous top 5 lists, or bagging on current issues. It was fun for a while, and I am glad to have done it.

However, I have had to put some priorities in order since September, as I, apparently, do not have an unlimited amount of time during the day. If it was up to me, days would last 48 hours and I would have energy to get through at least 40 of those hours before finally passing out and getting my beauty rest.

Unfortunately to us all, this is not the case. I have, at most, 12 hours to get things done during the day. If I plan things very, very well.

So, what am I doing, if I am not blogging? There must be something earth-shakingly important that would draw me away from the Platypus Directive!

These two things are the earth-shakingly important reasons:

  1. We joined a public school homeschooling program, and me, being the person I am, was just darned curious how on earth that system worked. Henceforth, I have attended every PTO meeting, regional PTO meetings for all the PTOs in the area, parent meetings (see: coffeehouse), parent-teacher conferences, newsletters, bulletin boards, website revivals….along with the ubiquitous schoolwork we need to accomplish daily, to boot.

It might not seem like it, but all that takes up an insane amount of your day. For reals.

2. The websites I had been writing for shifted gears, and their                                          conversations were not the same conversations I was involved with.


So…I have just been focusing on raising kids, making meals, occasional laundry, and Ben.

This disclaimer out of the way, I need to make it very, abundantly clear:

I have not stopped writing. 

For verily, I have a book in the works.

And I am almost 35,000 words in.

And it will be beautiful.

So fear not, my friends! Something greater than blogging is on the horizon 🙂


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