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Tamarah Rockwood

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Me in 10 seconds

Wife of Ben, Mother of 5, homeschooling steward, keeper of chickens, gardens and endless projects, appreciator of American & British Literature (1850-1950), endless thinker, continuous learner and a woman very devoted to giving God glory in and through my life and through the lives of others.

I’m fascinated with the experience of life through the perspective of people.  My degree in Literature was the study of history through the words of the people who lived through it.  I would love to get to the bottom of “what it means to be a woman.”  This is unbelievably complicated, but I will get there.

I love seeing a different point of view.

Total introvert (INTJ). I thrive in solitude.  Just FYI.

Creator.  I create something every day.

California native. Second generation American.  My blood is from Scotland.

Amazingly happy and deeply grateful.

Official Bragging Bio


I decided not to be an artist.  Artists are so optimistic; they can actually create life out of pictures.  Literary figures, on the other hand, are able to put the human experience into words, which is a little more my speed.

My husband started poking me in my side during our German class throughout our Sophomore year in high school.  We have been madly in love ever since.

After waiting 9 years to have children, we now have 5.  I am sure my family is not convinced we are finished.  To be honest, I never am, myself.

Self published my first book of poetry, Petals of Magnolia, because it was a dream I had.  Paid for by proceeds I won from an art contest with a series of sculptures. I have made $0 on this book, so feel free to purchase it without the guilt of any money making it back to me.

I have only lived in California, besides a small stint with my family in Beijing.  My grandparents were from Canada, and a few generations back were from Scotland.  Life is funny.  I sometimes wonder what would have happened if The Scottish Clearings hadn’t happened.

Have homeschooled for 6 years.  Have also avoided arguments in regards to schooling philosophies for 6 years.

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Projects…any project should revolve around life, creating life or giving life.

Quad Skating
maybe laundry. But no promises.


Wonderfully Inspiring Videos


TED (ted.com)

  • Jennifer Senior: For Parents, Happiness Is A Very High Bar
  • Simon Sinek: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe
  • Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts
  • Malcolm Gladwell: On Spaghetti Sauce



    My Lists 




    Bucket List

    Write a few books
    Read even more books
    Raise astonishing children
    Enjoy the husband of my youth
    Travel to Montana, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Scotland and Prague.

    Alaskan Whale watching Kayak Tour (LINK)

    Link to video.  This looks so incredible.

    Visit friends in Costa Rica!
    Have hardwood floors.





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