Kids Series: Raising Leaders, Artists, Engineers & Goofballs


Any parent will tell you that kids are funny:  they each come with their own unique skill sets, interests, passions and dreams.

And as any parent will also tell you, it is hard finding out how to develop each child, individually!

How do you encourage the athletic daughter while also encouraging your academic son?  What benefits does the goofball kid have, who has a ton of energy and makes people laugh all the time?  How do we help the child who never stops talking to control their thought process, as well as helping the quiet child to express themselves without forcing them into it?

In this series we are going to explore how to raise  Leaders, Artists, Engineers & Goofballs!



Sometimes A Homeschooling Mom Needs Encouragement. Sometimes, The Kids Do.

All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.” – Walter Scott

We have been homeschooling for over 6 years now.

I started teaching them in Kindergarten, and the oldest is finishing up 5th grade this year!  That is  180 days of school for six years, which would be  (hold on, let me get my calculator because I still can’t do math in my head…) 1,800 days of school.

1,800 days of school.

I don’t know if I’ve done 1,800 days of laundry in my lifetime….well, maybe.  But that’s hard to say for sure.

But I can tell you that during these 1,800 days of schooling I have relied on inspirational quotes to encourage me.  I need to persevere through the day, through the distractions, through the work.  I need to believe that sometimes pushing myself and sometimes pushing my kids is worth it; and I need to believe that even if we take a whole week off for Spring Break that the world isn’t going to fall apart, and we are going to actually feel rejuvenated and better if we relax and unwind for a while.

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Crazy Ideas, Volume I: The Jellimussant

I don’t know how to explain the full awesomeness of the Jellimussant.

It is a jelly doughnut, inside a croissant, inside a muffin.

And I am sure it is awesome…

My brother and I came up with this idea years and years ago, but it never came to any fruition.  And then I was diagnosed with Celiac, so I can’t even taste-test them, so I’m not even going to bother.

Anyway, I am sure this is a GREAT idea!  And I just found all my notes on it buried in some old file folder on my computer.  Show and Tell Time, folks!

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I Am Celebrating My 20th Anniversary At 35…And I Am Obviously Not The Perfect Wife

Yesterday was our 20th anniversary of being together.

20 years…it just seems impossible that two crazy kids who met in high school would be celebrating 20 years together.  The number is just huge.  20.

I remember 20 years ago when Ben asked me out.  He had the most beautiful speech lined up about relationships and possibilities, and living dreams together.  He has always had a gift of words, yet all I was able to come up with was, “okay!”


Man, he was so hot…luckiest woman on earth?  Check!

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About Me

Tamarah Rockwood

227893_1023910000053_647_n        942986_10201188029204858_726646283_n


Me in 10 seconds

Wife of Ben, Mother of 5, homeschooling steward, keeper of chickens, gardens and endless projects, appreciator of American & British Literature (1850-1950), endless thinker, continuous learner and a woman very devoted to giving God glory in and through my life and through the lives of others.

I’m fascinated with the experience of life through the perspective of people.  My degree in Literature was the study of history through the words of the people who lived through it.  I would love to get to the bottom of “what it means to be a woman.”  This is unbelievably complicated, but I will get there.

I love seeing a different point of view.

Total introvert (INTJ). I thrive in solitude.  Just FYI.

Creator.  I create something every day.

California native. Second generation American.  My blood is from Scotland.

Amazingly happy and deeply grateful.

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I Am Letting My Husband and Children Teach Me How To Relax.

I think my goal in life is to not fall apart…

It is a weird goal, I think.  Some people want to be astronauts.  Some people want to be ballerina dancers.

I want to provide my children with a fantastic home, a great learning environment, enable their pursuits in education and extracurricular activities, make sure we participate in social events, volunteer, provide healthy meals for my home, make sure we have clean clothes and a functional household, encourage my husband in his work while being a loving and fun wife…. I also want to have a garden and write and paint and one day visit Montana.  I could go on for days, it’s a never ending list.

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