Who Are You? : Hey There, Champ.

Ahh, Saturday mornings.

Granted, it is now Saturday afternoon for me…but I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday morning while it lasted.

I had a little coffee, made a little breakfast (you just can’t go wrong with scrambled eggs and provolone on toast), and ignored the laundry.  Hey, it’s not going anywhere.  Yet.

I don’t know what we have in mind for the day, exactly.  It is a beautiful sunny day, and we might go explore a pond later.  We are all getting over a little cold, and finally starting to feel better so I think it would be good for all of us to get out of the house for a little bit.  Good stretch of the legs.

In the meantime, how about some personality quizzes to round out the day??

Let’s go!


Which Hobbit Character Are You?

I am not Galadriel??  😦

Well, it is probably for the best.  I don’t know if I should have that much power.  I think Bard is the best answer, albeit a little fishy.

You are Bard!
Although you find it hard to trust others, you care a lot about your family and will do anything to protect them. You are a little reckless but you are kindhearted and many people look up to you. All in all, you are a very courageous person.

Which Animal Do You Transform Into?

I’m okay with this.

You have a beautiful soul and you love to be round loads of family members but when it comes to dinner time you will grab as much as you can before the rest of the family have at it. but you always protect your family and your friends from the unwanted visitors even if they hardly leave you any food at the buffets. you are strong and you’ll never give up fighting for whats right, you are loyal to loved ones to the end you hopeless romantic you!

Do You Really Have Perfect English Skills?

Baby, my degree is in English Skillz.  I got this covered.


Grammar Slammer
Exemplary, my liege! Your mastery of American English is unparalleled (not unparalelled as so many would believe) and your abundant knowledge is greatly appreciated (what, with there being a societal deprivation of such). Your innate intelligence is applied dutifully and naturally to such concepts as predicates, complements, objects, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and -GASP- spelling words correctly and/or using them in proper context! We bow to you, Grammar Master! Carry thy banner high and mighty!

What Do People Love About You?

Probably not my grammar nazi skillz 😉

What a boring answer.  My honesty?  I can honestly tell you this was a disappointing answer.  I thought people might love me because of my charisma, or my charm, or that I remind them of an ancient Druid queen or something.  Something a little more exciting than “honesty.”


You certainly have more interesting conversations, the more honest they are.  You know what I mean?

Your honesty!
People love you for your honesty!They will always come for you when they want an honest opinion! They admire you for not sugarcoating and telling the whole truth instead! You always seek justice it amazes them! But be careful and don’t let it hurt people’s feelings too! Other than that, keep it up!

Which Nickname Is Perfect For You?

Naturally, the only thing I think of is Bilbo’s riddle when I hear “Champ”:

Thirty white horses on a red hill,
First they champ,
Then they stamp,
Then they stand still.


Go get ’em champ! You are a natural born leader who knows how to overcome any challenge! You are competitive and love winning so this nickname is perfect for you!



What Kind Of Literature Lover Are You?

This doesn’t surprise me.  Reading is fun 🙂
Well-rounded Bibliophile
You never understand people who read only one genre. You’ll read anything that you can get your hands on. You love being whisked away to imaginary worlds in futuristic novels, and remaining firm on the ground in biographies of people who changed the world. You can be inspired, provoked to think, and spurred to love deeper.Some books to consider if you haven’t already: Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee, The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower, and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.





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