I Require For Myself A Proper Sitting Room

A project I am slowly plotting to begin is the construction of my proper Sitting Room.

I believe if every woman needs A Room of One’s Own, then my room should be a Sitting Room, in which I shall fervently read on a big squishy chair in the afternoon sunlight, and consequently in which to also fall asleep in said chair, with said book.

However, the construction of the perfect Sitting Room requires a thorough understanding of its purpose, and some forethought into the planning.



This is the Lincoln Room in the White House Museum.

Yes, yes.  Planning a Sitting Room based on the designs of the White House Museum might be a little much, in comparison to my meager empty breakfast nook that I am planning on transforming.  But I think raising the bar can be a good thing, don’t you?  At least it is giving me a destination on which to set my sights.

The breakfast nook in my house is the most perfect Sitting Room on earth.  It is small and cozy, but not too small, and not too cozy.  It faces southeast, so it gathers the morning and afternoon sun.  It is bright, comfortable, sunny and just begging to be made into a Sitting Room with two big, squishy chairs, in which to sink and read books, and a low coffee table, on which to hold coffee, and probably my feet.


IMG_3161You can feel the sunlight already…I might need to make some coffee.  I’m getting sleepy just looking at this.


For a little while I believed I should go the conventional route and actually put in the space a round breakfast nook table with some matching chairs; but, I just can’t do it.  It is too conventional, and this space is too perfect for reading, and I cannot let this opportunity go.

So, with all this being said, here are some ideas I had:


Screenshot 2015-04-15 16.03.30


This is the Pinterest page I have for my Sitting Room idea.


A couple things that I liked, in particular:

michael s smith greige


I like the layout of the chairs and table here, but it is feels a little cold.




I like the warm coziness here, but I don’t like how stiff the chairs look or the open space in front of the chairs. It is a warm feeling, but not cozy enough.




I like how this room feels.  It’s warm, casual, lots of squishy pillows and comfortable.  I could easily see myself reading many books in a space like this. However, I’m afraid I could lose my books/keys/shoes/phone/kids in the jumble, so it might not be a good idea, exactly.

So, these are the plans I have so far.  We’ll see what I can find!



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