What I Daydream About In My 30s: Why I Am Qualified To Be Mayor

There are qualities we look for in leaders that stand out above all the media, all the confetti and all the roadside banners.

Qualities that represent honesty, integrity and character.

My fellow Americans, I offer you my services as Mayor.  Before I promise lower property taxes, better roads, more transparent infrastructure, or balanced budgets, I feel strongly in my qualifications to be Mayor through my history in public service:


1.  I Fully Support Local Firefighters!

Especially the little ones!





2. America Has The 2nd Ammendment For A Reason. 

And it isn’t to let it go to waste.







3. We Have History In Our Families, And In Our Nation.  

We should remember and honor both.

555415_10200342361343690_1703748295_nMy great-grandparents, whose great-grandparents emmigrated from Scotland.


The home of John and Abigail Adams’, who helped build this nation and teach its children through a school they built on their land.

4. Encouraging Our Children To Learn in the Sciences, As Well As The Arts





5. What We’re Here For:  God, Family, Country


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