Quick Story! – The Ageless Woman


So, my husband and I have 5 kids. I started having kids when I was 25, so that makes me 36 right now (I’ll tell you my age.  I won’t tell you my weight). But my husband is very tall, so my 2 older kids are just a little shorter than I am.

Last year, we went on a big flight to the East Coast for a vacation. We had been planning this trip for probably “ever.”  I have always wanted to see the East Coast, because I am an American History junkie, and I wanted to see the house Ben grew up in.  It was an awesome trip, and I totally geeked out just looking at the harbor in which the Boston Tea Party happened, Emily Dickinson’s house (I was IN HER ROOM people!!), famous landmarks, the Freedom Trail, New York, Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont, the whole bit.  We just rented a minivan and had an epic road trip. It was a totally rockin’ voyage.

When we were done and in the airport to check in…there are a lot of us, and it takes a while to go through everyone’s ticket and check bags/car seats/whatnot. The ladies taking care of this were great, and they made it super easy for us, which was fantastic.

However, the first ticket she checked in was Ben’s. Got that taken care of. Then he gives her mine. So she looks at me, who is wearing an MIT shirt (we visited there) and a backpack, wearing jeans and running shoes with a flannel wrapped around my waist. She said, “are you Tamarah?” “Yes.” “Okay, and how old are you?”

….”35?” I didn’t think this made a difference, but who knows.

I was standing behind all the kids keeping watch and Ben was at the front, so I didn’t hear the rest of this, but he said she thought I was his eldest daughter, and she was impressed that a single dad would take his 6 kids to the airport by himself.


True story.


IMG_15891995…Junior Prom With Ben


1996…Senior Prom With Ben



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