It Started With The Apatosaurus, And Quickly Got Out Of Hand


It all started with this.

The mounted Apatosaurus head, which is awesome beyond words.

I have always loved mounted animal heads.  I can’t even tell you why, because not only am I not a hunter, nor do I come from a family who hunted, on a logical level I think they’re kind of gross.  Stuffed, preserved animals with glossy eyes held in suspension forever?  Ehhh….I don’t know about that.  Taxidermy is just short of horror-movie-creepy.

However, I have to admit that I am in a stupefied awe whenever I see a mounted buffalo head.  It is just so …big.  There seems to be a suspended majesty presented in the ethereal stare and noble brow.  There have only been a couple (way old school) restaurants that have had a mounted buffalo in their drawing room over a fireplace (filled with an ornamental fern…), and I remember the buffalo more than I remember the name of the establishment.

Which naturally got me to thinking: there are typical mounted animal heads available…deer, elk, fish.  What are some really good, really interesting ones?

I found many.



Duckbilled Dinosaur.

Dr. Seuss Animal.



Another Dinosaur.


And, of course, Scotland’s National Animal: The Unicorn

And a couple others.

I’m thinking this is another new hobby.


2 thoughts on “It Started With The Apatosaurus, And Quickly Got Out Of Hand

  1. Joann

    Have you seen the paper ones? I found them at JoAnn’s before Christmas. Thought it would be hilarious to assemble a few for my husbands office!

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