Considering My Future: Pygmy Goats vs. Corgi Puppies

So, yesterday I was hitting “random” on Reddit, and it took me to /r/goats.

Which is not where I need to be.

Because I have wanted goats for years.  I have gone to seminars on backyard homesteading.  I have gone to presentations at the Maker Faire for backyard goats.  I know how to take care of goats.  I know how to deworm them. I have learned how to milk them.  I know how to make cheese from said milk (I am a total sucker for goat cheese.  In big ways.)

I am so ready for goats.

Unfortunately, my house is not zoned for goats.

Oh hey! I want to improve my life and introduce my children to amazing things like gardening, and canning, and cooking and raising chickens…and raising goats. Except the city hasn’t zoned our house for goats.  I see.



So I was just thinking…like, realistically and all:

When we move,  will I actually choose  to get pygmy goats, or will I get a corgi puppy?

I asked the kids, and they were no help.  They said “BOTH.”

And I can totally understand why.


On one hand, you have pygmy goats.

Pro: Very cute, friendly, a great family pet.  Eats foliage, but is a browser not a grazer.  This means, they clip the tops of grass, unlike a horse that eats down to the roots.  Doesn’t get too big, don’t bite, gives you milk, very fun to have around.  Will always cheer you up.

Con: Can jump. Which means, you will probably find them on your kitchen counters at some point.  Might eat your couch.  Or your coffee pot.



And on the other hand, you have corgi puppies.

Pro: Very good size dog. Friendly, good with kids.  Spunky, but not seriously high energy.  Fuzzy.  Cuddly. Wonderful family companion.  Can go on walks and swimming, plays fetch.

Con: House training,mostly.


teddy_welsh_corgi_01_w450 cute-corgi-puppy-photos-a Pembroke_Welsh_Corgi 15.-Corgi-Puppies



So, which would you choose?  Pygmy goats or Corgi puppies?

Unless you think I should just do both…

corgi-cute-herdHerding dog!


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