6 Excuses You Won’t Be Using Anymore


To see or dream about Hawaii symbolizes relaxation and leisure. You are trying to escape from your daily problems.”


Last night I had a dream that I was swimming in crystal clear, warm waters on a beach in Hawaii.  

I remember floating in the water, riding down small waves, watching a pod of orcas swim merrily past, walking on soft, warm, white sand…it was glorious.

Everything was clean. We weren’t purging stuff in our house.  The heater wasn’t broken.  I am not thinking about broken furniture. I wasn’t trying to figure out how to re-home a piano, or a train table.  I wasn’t thinking about trying to re-home a puppy.  Christmas wasn’t around the corner…

Can I just say that anyone who tells me that getting rid of stuff is so easy can go jump off a cliff?

I have tried Freecycle, Craigslist, Facebook, homeschooling groups and word of mouth. The only emails I am getting (and I have gotten a few) are people telling me they can’t take it.

Why exactly send me an email saying you can’t take it?  How does this help anything?


I know, I know…


During seasons of frustrations, it can be easy to fall into a season of excuses.

Here are excuses I don’t want to hear, from me or anybody else:

  • “You have no idea how hard I have it.” –This just reeks of narcissism and self-importance, which doesn’t help anybody else but your ego.
  • “It’s not personal.”  –I bet it’s personal to somebody. Maybe not you because you are a robot?
  • ‘STRESSED? You don’t know what REAL stress is!’ –I have a feeling we all do, and claiming your stress is more stressful may or may not make the entire situation more stressed.  
  • “I can’t”. –You can’t fly. That’s about it.
  • “I’m busy” –I reject this statement at the gate. It is irrelevant to any conversation, and is purely an excuse. I have to hold back every passive-aggressive retort with my entire being when I hear this.
  • “I don’t know.” –Find Google. Type it in. Educate yourself.  Done.


There ya go…6 excuses you won’t be using anymore!

Now go enjoy coffee with a candy cane straw. You’ll feel better.



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