The Date Night When I Wore A Purple Wig



10404500_10204884453973167_6121312052279610165_nThis is me in a purple wig, going on date night with my husband of 15 years.

Let me explain.

I really do live a very domestic life.  My days are spent largely at home teaching homeschool, doing 3 loads of dishes a day, a few loads of laundry, picking up toys, cheerios and bagel dog wrappers, and writing.  It’s pretty normal, all in all.

This was me a few hours earlier at a firehouse during a pancake breakfast with Ben and the kids:


I think I’m pretty normal.  Granted, <1% of people who know me will agree with this…but statistically, I’m very normal.

So purple wigs are kinda crazy.  Especially just for the heck of it.

But you know?  You only have this life to live.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi


I say, if you want to wear a purple wig, and wear leather jackets, and drink dusty bottles of bourbon in North Beach with your husband…why not?  Who is in your head telling you you can’t do stuff like this?

Go have fun. Especially with your husband 🙂


(I can’t end it there…we saw some crazy stuff that night!  Here are some things we found!!)


IMG_9251Inflatable Mounted Unicorn Heads

IMG_9255Individual Inflatable Unicorn Horns

IMG_9257Electronic Yodelling Pickles

IMG_9258Finger Tentacles…which I didn’t buy. But I’m pining for.

IMG_9259This might be a Christmas present for some people…

But the one thing we saw that I loved the most was the lit books.  These were books (or bookbulbs?) hanging from wires over an intersection, and they would flash in patterns every once in a while.  Being in such a literary area, it was a wonderful exhibit for the neighborhood 🙂  I looked like an idiot standing under them and holding my phone up waiting for them to start flashing though…

IMG_9261 IMG_9262 IMG_9263 IMG_9264 IMG_9265 IMG_9266


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