Ranty McRant: Why Are These Things…Things??

I’ve been idle today, which is just a bad idea.  I start to get opinions about stupid, petty things when I am not busy.

However: I have not been busy today, so you get to hear my petty gripes!

Here we go!


1) “Butter in Your Food Storage, lasts 3 years–so cool, I’ve been wondering how to get butter to store”


Why is this a thing??

Okay, so butter is about $3.00/lbs, on the high side.  Roughly.  We’re just going to say $3 average.

I mean, I am all for canning.  It’s fun and it is nice to can things that you have in abundance.  Like peaches.  Canned peaches absolutely prolong the seasonal fruit, and you have far less waste.  We are still eating canned peaches here…and it’s awesome!

But butter?  I just don’t see the need to can butter.  Butter doesn’t go out of season.  I’m not seeing this one.


2) Listen, I’m just going to say it: No one loves cauliflower this much.

2ede9d78cfba8f0db4769efe0ad4d948I’m all for healthy eating…I just bought a book about smoothies.  Smoothies.  I hate smoothies.  I’m the only white girl in North America who hates smoothies, but I do.  You aren’t chewing anything.  If you are drinking your meals through a straw, you are 99 with no teeth left and you keep pinching the dog’s butt because you think she is your cute nurse.  That’s what I think of when I think of smoothies.

But, apparently, I am on a collision course with diabetes 2…and that isn’t happening.  Not on my watch.

So, I got some pounds to drop before I hit 40.  And that means I’m drinking smoothies.

However: just because you want to eat healthy doesn’t mean you need to pretend you enjoy cauliflower this much.  I tried the cauliflower pure` thing, and I actually gagged from the texture.  I don’t see the point of having a really nice white cheddar…and ruining it with overboiled cauliflower.  Blech.

3) Dog Carriers.




“As a bipedal person, I feel it is my duty to buy carriers for my 4 legged friend so they don’t have to actually do anything.”

I just don’t see the point.  If you have a dog that can’t make it around the block…then don’t take them!  Let them get their exercise by walking into the living room quickly.  But if you want to take them on your 26 mile power walk:  They have 4 legs…let them walk for crying out loud!


4) Fabric Wrapped Water Bottles


fabric wrapped water bottles Tikkido (2 of 3)

I might be skirting the edge on this one, but it’s a flimsy, $.50 disposable water bottle.  You don’t have to live vicariously through it by dressing it up with pretty fabric that you spent a whole weekend crafting.

I can see making snugglies for coffee cups…they’re hot, and the snugglie thing actually helps distribute the heat.  But this is a thin, plastic, ugly water bottle that you are going to throw into the thin, plastic, ugly recycling bin.  I just don’t see the point.

That’s all I have to say.


5) Teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy treats.

donutbos cakes cakesslice

They are very cute.

Call me obtuse, but I don’t get it.




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