Time Management For Bloggers: Budgeting Air In Your Space Suit

It is Monday, and the first day of Autumn!

Have you balanced an egg on its end yet?

This is just crazy.

IMG_8801I also balanced a tomato, because I got fed up with the egg after a while.                           Although, the tomato might not count.

Being both Monday and the first day of Autumn, let’s get our fresh week and new season off on the right foot: Time Management.

When astronauts are in spacesuits, they have to budget their oxygen in a big way. If they get out there in their spacesuit and just breathe normally with big deep breaths, they are going to run out of air right quick. What’s worse is they are going to run out of air without even completing the job, which means it is just going to take longer since you have to make two trips!

Not only am I budgeting my time for reading and blogging, I have 5 kids under the age of 10, and I am homeschooling the older 3. My days definitely feel like each day is a trip in the space suit: I have to budget my air wisely, or nothing is going to get done!

The best tip I have for budgeting air is to sip it, don’t gulp it.

Before school and over morning coffee, I catch up on reading blogs. While the kids are doing their math, I read and take notes. While the kids are in martial arts, I work on writing. During free time between 6-7 I work on posting blogs. I make an agenda for what I am planning on writing for the week on Sunday nights to give me a good, structured guideline for what I want to accomplish that week.

Lots and lots of sipping, and by the end of the day you will have accomplished more than you expected!

This is the best time management tip I have for writers: sip it, don’t gulp it!


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