Little Moments on Friday

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Line up your martinis like a lady, girls.

Now that school has started, I am a little busier.

Just a little bit. (she says sarcastically with a wickedly wry smile)

It has been my goal all week to get caught up with laundry (no…stop laughing, I’m serious).  I am happy to say we have clean towels and a couple clean pants.  Fortunately we have a free weekend at home, so I’m really…really…going to try to make a dent in laundry.

I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed with the kitchen, that was clean yesterday afternoon.  There are mysterious spots on the carpet that I’ve been meaning to clean for a week or two.  I did get back on track with exercising…for the most part.  And I’ve been doing well with eating good food all week.  But you know how you wake up and all you see around you are things you haven’t done, things you have done that have been undone, and things you don’t even want to do?

Those are rough mornings.

I realized I was in a bad place when I began the day by snapping at the kids…but I’m not spending the day getting on them for my own frustrations.  So I took all those expectations that I think matter so much…and drowned them in a cup of coffee with 3 sugar cubes and heavy whipping cream…because I am a beast!…and I didn’t sit at my desk all day.  I did school with the kids on the couch, I got the kitchen cleaned (again), I took some of the kids for a walk with the dogs and enjoyed talking with some neighbors.

It was shaping up to be a better day.

But then I went outside to water the plants, and I noticed there was a mom and her little boy at our Little Free Library.  I’ve noticed a few moms already who make it a routine to stop by the Little Free Library with their kids, and it is now part of their week to get books together.  You know what that is?  That is AWESOME!

Seeing them really made me think though: as parents, you invest so much time into your home and into your kids.  So many little things throughout the day to make sure everyone is heard and taken care of.  Making their favorite sandwich for lunch when you know they have a tough day ahead of them; finding their favorite shoes for class; remembering the names of their favorite characters and asking about them.  All these little moments can add up…and they are no longer little moments, but the moments that they will remember when they are older.

I really didn’t know how the Little Free Library was going to turn out.  I just did it because it was a fun project to do with the kids.  But I’m finding out that there are tons of other families who are actually making it a part of their lives now…sometimes the little things you do have big effects that you don’t see until later.

So, that’s what I’m finishing the week with.  Make the little moments count just as much as the big ones.

Cheers 🙂



3 thoughts on “Little Moments on Friday

  1. Thanks for reminding me about the little bits that add up. It’s definitely easy to lose track of them when you’re knee-deep in household entropy, isn’t it? Also, thank you for the coffee-with-whipped-cream idea. Starting tomorrow morning off right 🙂

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