The Helmet – A Jig Into New Formalism

So, for the past 30 years Poetry has been in a New Formalism phase…

which doesn’t seem to be a phase, after 30 years.

But if that’s what the kids are doing these days, then let’s do this thing.


The Helmet

If you drop your helmet, and there is no expected

Damage, you might want to consider a survey

inspection.  Falling on the soft shoulder may

have saved your head.  But, get your helmet inspected.


Mini stress fractures can compromise your advantage.

So, in the event of an accident,

it may not protect you 100%.

The helmet may not appear to be damaged.


It is not always the case.  You can have it inspected

to see if all is okay with the integrity.

It feels like the time has been crushed into brevity;

That is how things go. The events were connected.





360evrThat’s how it’s done, folks.






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