I Am Squishy Quad-Skater, But I Am Now A Squishy Half-Marathon Quad-Skater

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 6.26.18 PM

Got to record the whole skate!  Woohoo!!


Got my lovely pin I put on my backpack!  They ran out of shirts, so they are going to make another one and send it to me.  No rush, I did this for myself.


Taking off!!


I had the road to myself, since I was waayyy in the back, so I just went and took a selfie at mile 3 😉


Beautiful, empty roads.  All to myself.  I love Napa…it is beautiful all year round.


I may have been singing along to my Gershwin album around here…


And in the end, I got to go home with my favorite people 🙂

Goals are good things to have.  If you don’t make insane goals for yourself, you’ll never accomplish insane things!  It’s okay to push yourself to do great things in life.


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