This Is The End.

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 8.46.14 AM

This is the end.

Hold your breath and count to ten.

Feel the earth move, and then…

Hear my heart burst, again…..

For this is the end.

The end of my days when I have not completed a half-marathon.

Honestly, this is an amazing moment for me for a number of ways.  On one hand, as I’ve said before and I’ll say until my dying breath: I am not an athletic person.  I am a squishy, witty person who likes to sit in the backyard and drink Heretic beer and chill.

But I am also a woman who thinks she can take over the world, and you need stamina for that.  So I have to make some goals for myself.

I also want to be an inspiration for my kids.  I want them to see their mom as someone who believes she can do anything…and does.

For Ben…I’m going to be skating in purple spandex. I think I have him covered.  What more do you need in life?

So, off for some light practice!


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