The Platypus Valentine’s

I am not exactly a hopeless romantic (though, Ben is…)

kids on bikes


photo by: EphemeraObscura on Etsy


 but I am a stickler with respecting cultural formalities regarding holidays.  I’m just a sentimentalist at heart.  It’s the XX chromosome in me, which still thinks I can grow up to be Cinderella and talk to squirrels…but on my own terms.  I emphatically reject Russell Stover’s.  Either be interesting or just don’t, that’s the deal.So, Valentine’s Day was kind of a quandary for me.

When Ben and I were just starting out, we  tried going out to dinner a couple times (this may have been just one time…why on earth did we go to Hungry Hunter? Whyy?) on Valentine’s Day.  It is the cultural norm, and we just went with it.

Very quickly after (maybe once), we decided we had to make our own traditions.  Because those crowds were insane, and the waiters/waitresses were stressed enough already, and I just want to get in and get out and go home.  You seriously couldn’t pay me to go to a restaurant on February 14th then, or now.

We just might be introverts, after all!

Anyway, long story short, the tradition we started and kept for years was this: a new Hitchcock film and pizza either or Chinese.

This has been the greatest tradition, because I think we’ve seen all of Hitchcock’s films…even in his British film years. And I wouldn’t really recommend those.

This year we had to re-watch North by Northwest, and it was pretty good.  It’s not Notorious, but really…what is?

So, for those of us who think outside the box, here are a few ideas on how to Platypus-Up your Valentine’s:1. Watch Hitchcock films (this is really a fantastic choice, I must insist on it!)

2. Make your own pizza at home (always a great option for us Celiacs!).   

3. Go to a whiskey bar (Nihon )

4. Have a themed night, like everything you eat has to start with the letter S: sushi, salmon, snicker ice cream, starbucks, etc. 5.Write a completely epic love note.  E.P.I.C.  


1. Go see a movie.  Spend the night talking with your husband/wife, not staring at a screen.

2. Go to a chain restaurant. Find somewhere really unique and different.  Thai or Pho` are always great options.

3. Get standard chocolates.  We prefer key lime white buttercream truffles from Sees, but you might like something completely different!

4. Do nothing.  The point of being antiestablishmentarian is not to do nothing. The point is to do it BETTER.

5. Stress out.  It is the Platypus way to carve our own paths…enjoy carving 🙂


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