Rich Mullins: Ragamuffin, The Man

The other day, a very good friend told me about this movie she and her husband just watched.

“It’s about Rich Mullins…do you know who he is?”


I didn’t, since he was a Christian musician and I don’t tend to listen to Christian music.  I also try to avoid Christian movies for the same reason: the music tends to be trite, and the movies tend to be cheap and preachy.

The thing is, I know good art.  That is a pretty audacious claim, since the genre of arts is full of self-inflated egoists (I should know…every writer and artist should know.  Just submit your work to be published!  Your ego will deflate almost as soon as you send your work).

Good art is amazing.  Good art will take your breath away.  Good art will touch you in a place that you thought was a secret place, and yet you can see it on the canvas; you can hear it in a song.  The grief that has no words is suddenly fleshed out on the radio.  The joy you cannot contain is displayed in a photograph.  The hope you have burning in your soul is written by someone else who feels the same thing, which just blows your mind.

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