Letting Go of Past Goals

There is nothing more pathetic than cleaning out your harddrive on your laptop, and seeing over 10 years’ worth of old goals and projects that have either come and gone, or never came at all.

I have a proposal written up here to organize a city-wide marathon, supporting churches and church ministries.  I really wanted to get us all on the same page under the banner of love and unity, seeing as there were like, 60 Christian churches in town.  Looking over my proposal is incredible: I had already had a response from the head of the Police Dept. for security and clearance, and a number of groups for booths, such as the local Girl Scout troops.  Unfortunately, we needed a million dollar insurance policy to start that out, and the head pastor said it wasn’t going to happen.

It’s sad that I still have the proposal….10 years later.   It was just too good of an idea to let go.

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