Some Hymns For Saturday

I am not a musical person.

There are undoubtedly some songs that have helped me through times in my life, which is what good music is supposed to do.  I hate to admit that the Beach Boys got me through my Junior High years…but I guess it’s better than other options. There was one song, “In My Room,” to which I still know the words.  That song was a special place to which I could visit, and rest. Music is the salve through which we find hope for love, or healing through pain.

Many people have spent periods of their lives writing out their feelings, especially through difficult times.  King David certainly spent  a good amount of his life finding his emo spot, and sitting in dank caves crying and writing poetry; which is the natural state for all poets, whether they want to admit it or not.

Last night, a friend posted some super cute lyrics his daughter was singing, and I am completely inspired to find a melody to go with them! I am also her Sunday School teacher, and we are teaching class in a few weeks…so, thankfully, I have some time to mosey through some songs and try to find one that fits. I would love to surprise her with her lyrics in a song.

Although, her words are more of a hymn verse than a contemporary verse, so I’ve been looking through hymns this morning. You know, not all hymns are the same, and some of them I just mumble through. But there are a few that are so beautiful, it feels like they truly reflect the love of God. That is a very difficult concept to understand, especially when the world feels like it is falling apart and filled with unredeemable death.  It is a quandary, to find the words to separate the beauty of God from the torment of pain.

Yet, through some of these hymns…it is like I remember the memory of God. That is what it feels like.

I found one hymn this morning that is lovely, and peaceful. I can’t use it for the hymn I want to put together for Sunday School in a few weeks.  But while I am sitting in my sitting room, letting the morning sun rest on my lap, and feeling the knots of the week slowly unwind inside of me… it is actually what I needed to hear today.



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