Signs You Have Back-to-School Anxieties: You Clean Your Desk.

IMG_5607I’m so devoted to this school year, I even cleaned my desk. 


School officially starts this week…the first day of school is on Wednesday, except our group is doing a picnic that day instead, and one of the classes we are going to doesn’t really start until Thursday, but then they get Monday off for Labor Day, and then our homeschool group has their actual first day of class next Tuesday…

So, I’m just starting our homeschooling day today. Ain’t nobody got time for that scheduling mess!

The bottom line is: I am super excited to start school.

We just need a good, solid routine to get back into, and I am all over that. We moved in the middle of the last few months of school, so it was too late to join anything.  So we have just been doing school on our own and getting together with friends during the week.  It honestly was a much needed break that gave me a good amount of time to rest and recover from moving, and I was able to rethink our homeschooling operations without being rushed…but by this point, my schooling Shabbat has ended. I am so ready for school to get going again.

I have already organized our entire week, hour by hour, and printed out a color-coded spreadsheet for our weekly agenda and tacked it to the wall underneath the calendar in the kitchen. We have morning routines, school routines, evening routines…the kids will know when to get up, when to get out the door, lunch is, when class happens, when homeschool happens, when they should be taking showers, and when they should be in bed.  This should get us into a good rhythm.

Naturally, on my own, I’m not much of a routine person. But functionally, with this many people in the house and with a homeschooling agenda, it is necessary; if not mandatory.  If I don’t have a totally solid routine to work off of, I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going, or if I should make another pot of coffee before noon, or whether or not I should change out of sweat pants…(probably), or if the kids are keeping up with their studies, or if any of us have remembered to take showers. And smelly feet in our car is the worst.

But the truth is, when I start every year of school with the kids, I spend a good few days (see: weeks) with my stomach in knots. What curriculums should we use? Are the kids up to speed? Am up to speed? Are we doing this right? Is the earth still spinning…is that on the agenda??

I take my kids’ education very seriously, and I want to make sure they are getting as many opportunities as possible to learn and excel.

However, when one of my kids forgets what a fraction is in the middle of summer…my brain exits my skull and finds the nearest cliff to jump off.

You forgot what a fraction is?! Are you  *kidding*?? What have we been doing all year?! Gahh!

I did spend most of yesterday freaking out over this. Not gonna lie.

What I did, instead of throwing in the towel, was rolled up my sleeves and found my bootstraps…and got busy in our schoolroom with the kids.

Forgetting things over the summer is pretty typical for kids, so I’m going to be spending some quality time working with them for the first few weeks. I am going to be going through each subject with them, step by step, until we get back into the rhythm of working.

Already, I have seen the kids get back on track:


11896151_10207416763599325_4381263403422989933_oreading time,

11921833_10207416761239266_6258847006401535561_ocomputer work,


and our classroom mascot, for moral support.


We might need to make that pot of coffee a little earlier…





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