Platypus RnD: What Came First, The Flour Or The EggBath?

I posted a question on Facebook: how do you fry your zucchini?


Lemme ‘splain.

It is still zucchini season, and so I am still finding ways to fry, and cook, zucchini.  And let me tell ya: fried zucchini is one of my favorite foods on the face of the earth.  Good fried zucchini.  Gluten free fried zucchini…that actually tastes good.

The way I have always done it, and the way many recipes I have read, is to slice the zucchini, dip in an egg bath, coat in gluten free flour/gluten free corn masa and then place into boiling oil until cooked.

Egg Bath. Then Flour. Then Oil.

But then, I started noticing…some recipes had the Flour, THEN the Egg Bath, then Oil. This concept is blowin’ mah mind. Could I have been frying zucchini wrong my whole life??

I have to know….which way is it??

There is only one way to find out!

And…I am just saying, that I am only making plates and plates of fried zucchini for you.

I wouldn’t voluntarily make plates heaped with gluten free fried zucchini  and a little bowl of Ranch just for myself…that would just be silly.  Who does that? (me)

So, I have to know: what came first? The flour, or the egg bath?

First, the flour, egg bath, oil.

The flour didn’t stick to the zucchini very well, and some of the batter actually peeled off when I flipped them. They did come out pretty crispy and golden, but the batter didn’t stick to the skins at all.

I also noticed that they were very watery afterward. I noticed more water under the zucchini on these, and when I ate these they were very juicy.

Now, the Egg Bath, Flour, Oil.

These are on the right, and you can see the difference between the two pretty clearly.

These turned out significantly better, I think.  The batter was evenly coated around the entire zucchini, and it was a thicker batter.

There was also zero juice on the plate, and very little/no juice running down my hands when I ate them. I liked these significantly better.

Now, round 2! …just to be sure.

The Flour, Egg Bath, Oil combination did better this time but still a bit lacking on the  sides.  The  batter doesn’t seem to stick to the zucchini very well with this method.

The Egg Bath, Flour, Oil combination did just as well the second time.  Still evenly coated over the whole zucchini, and a consistent golden brown.IMG_5434In the end, I would choose the Egg Bath, Flour, Oil method.

But…they still all tasted amazing.

For science!
IMG_5437Also enjoying the fruits of science 😉IMG_5438


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