Day 1: 2123 Wordcount. And I Am Still Alive.

IMG_5243 (1)


I really thought that writing a book would result in me catching on fire, or for the heavens to open up and swallow the Canary Islands, or for volcanoes to erupt en masse, or something.

Apparently, the world just kept on spinning. Which is nice.

I, on the other hand, spent most of the early morning in bed staring out the window when I realized that the color schemes were all wrong in the first scene and I need to change that. Plus, I needed to add some more dialogue to the second scene. But the third scene was pretty good, and I’m happy with it. I also like the motifs I am using.

And I like the names I’ve chosen. I’m even using the name “John,” which is a very boring name for a character. But, he is a very boring character.  I guess I could name him Bob, though.

I would love to get to 5000 words today…so! Back to it!


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