Who Are You? – Shalt Thou Takest This Realm By Storm…Or By Grace?

Welcome to Monday.


It is time.

It is time to find out what you are really made of.

Princess. OR QUEEN.  Honestly, I haven’t taken the quiz yet, so I’ll probably get something aspirational and flashy.  Like “Wet Nurse.”


Are you ready to start this week off with some pizazz??  Of course you are.

Grab a cup of Monday coffee, and let’s go!



1) What Type Of Princess Are You?

After this weekend…I can’t exactly disagree.

The Adventurer
You are the Adventurer princess! You love it when things get dangerous, or when you overhear a secret being told. Again, like the Warrior princess, many people frown upon your possibly-improper behavior, but who cares? You’re too busy to think about that at the moment, what with riding to the rescue and all of that good stuff…You are smart and know what a plan looks like. Not only that, but once you have a plan in your head, you can actually complete it without too much of a problem. The surprising part is this: you never find adventures when you’re looking for them – they find you when you least expect it! But even when that happens, you’re always prepared. There are hardly any other princesses around who are as smart, sharp, loyal, and daring as you, so don’t stop adventuring, my friend!
So, basically I’m Merida.  Or Mulan.
Well…I could have called this. I think I am pretty ambitious with what I have in mind for myself, and I am certainly passionate about what I believe…without being a jerk about it. That claim might be a little prideful, but it’s my goal at least.
And, if I do say so myself, my taste in men is pretty fantastic.
You Are Passionate And Ambitious
Your inner-clock is always ticking and makes you strive toward specific goals. You’re a fighter, not afraid to confront challenges, setbacks, and disappointments. When you reach an objective, the next one is already in the works, and before long you’d begin the journey toward it.Above all, you’re extraordinarily creative, and a sensual, passionate lover. That is why People envy you!




3) Which Famous Seductress Are You Most Like?

I’m shooting for Bette Paige on this one…

I’m probably going to get Donna Reed.

Cleopatra!!  Oh, why not 😉


You are a real queen, just like the infamous Cleopatra! As one of the most irresistible and badass leaders in history, she was able to rule Ancient Egypt all while seducing men like Marc Antony and Julius Caesar! Like Cleopatra, you are a natural born leader who is cunning, resourceful and did we mention, GORGEOUS! You’re definitely going to make history, girl!
HA! Did not see that coming!! Well, what other ancient queen am I?

4) Which Ancient Queen Are You?

(I have no idea who this is…yet. But I like her style)

The Aramaic Queen!3 interesting facts about Zenobia:
1) Zenobia was known as the “warrior queen”.
2) Zenobia was described as the most beautiful and noble woman in the East.
3) Her feet were adorned with shackles of gold and her outfit embellished with so many gems that she could hardly bear the weight to walk.

5) Which Time Period Do YOU Belong In?

Hard work and equality are essential to you, and you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves to get the job done.”

That is absolutely the truth.

Medieval Ireland
You belong in Medieval Ireland (400–1400 AD). You value tradition, family, and honor. You are strong and resilient, and you believe in doing what’s right. There is a softness inside of you, but you reveal that only to those closest to you. Hard work and equality are essential to you, and you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves to get the job done.

6) What Is Your Strongest Mental Ability?

Pretty much the only thing I have goin’ on….

Your strongest mental ability is creativity. You’re a creative, entrepreneurial and ground breaking thinker. You’re problem solving skills are unique and you always find new and creative ways to approach old problems. You’re thinking is out of the box, making you an essential voice in any creative endeavour. You see the world through a rare lens and you beat to the sound of your own drum. You can’t be forced into any boxes and you’ll always strive to shake things up with you’re creativity!

7) Who Is Your Mask And The Person Behind it?

Final question!  Behind the social facades…who are you, really?

What many people do not see is the side of you without your mask. You crave to let go of control and not think so logically about things. When events reach a tipping point you rebel and can take a spontaneous trip some place you’ve never been, or do something wild and quite out of the ordinary. When that intimidating mask of strength comes off you are playful, carefree, and free-spirited!

That’s about it in a nutshell! Road trip…anyone?


Strong + In Control/Rebellious + Carefree
When you step out your door, the world knows you as strong, in control, and able to handle anything that comes your way. This is your dominant side, and you have been through enough challenges in life that you do have a strength about you that is inspiring to others.

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