Crazy Dreams

Last night I had crazy dreams.

I had a dream some guy gave me a potion of some sort…but it looked weird.

Well, everything looked weird. The whole setting was in this orange light, 1970s blurry Kodak lens filter. Everything around me was old, but I was moving out so it was cool. There was this horrible marbled shag carpet on the floor, there was a dusty exercise bike that someone had tried giving to me in the living room that I passed as I was walking out, and I was leaving.  No idea where, but this place I had called home was old and, baby, I was movin’ on.

After that I started running, in an orange dress, to boot.

I just ran and I had all this crazy energy to run, which is not like me at all. I really hate running…but I just had this fire inside me, and I was going somewhere. It was the most incredible feeling.  Just running without pain.  All joy.  Going somewhere amazing, but who knows where that was.

Who was the guy with the potion?  He looked like Mr. Wizard, but his appearance was brief. I think he said, “you need this,” and then just watched me take off.  And the potion…it was more like these little pills of light, and I don’t remember taking them. I just held them in my hand and they incorporated themselves into me.

Man that was a weird dream.  But I feel amazing this morning.



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