Forget Flying Cars: How Was Jane Jetson The Future Mom??

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Why Jane Jetson Had The Future Figured Out


When we think of the future, the first thing we think of is flying cars.

Flying cars are the future. We can all agree on that.

After flying cars comes hoverboards, self-lacing high tops and crazy viewmaster sunglasses…for some reason.



Viewmaster: by GoogleGlasses

When I think of what the future should look like by now, I am thinking on a much bigger scale, though. Viewmaster sunglasses aren’t cutting it for me, at this point.  I have bigger concerns.

Such as:  where is my self-folding washer/dryer machine? Where is my instant-food-rehydrator?  How about some Star Trek tricorder so I could diagnose my kids with precision and accuracy, without having to spend an hour driving to the doctor’s office, an hour in the waiting room, half an hour in another waiting room, a nurse to take diagnostics, then the doctor finally coming in and saying, “Yep. It looks like he is allergic to mosquito bites.” (it looked like the plague…seriously)

What I am saying is that this is the future.  Right now. Not only do we not have flying cars or hoverboards, but there are some key, day-to-day, “this is the future” things missing.

And there are some things missing in my life. Things I was promised by Jane Jetson, herself.  Man, I watched that show and saw the future! That’s where we were headed, my friends. Flying cars were part of the package of the future…


1.Jane Jetson’s Morning Face:

This woman knew how to skype at 7am on Monday morning.

2. Rosie

If you don’t think you need a sarcastic, dry humored robot in your house, commenting on your children and parenting constantly, you just don’t know what fun is.

3. Magic Menu Jukebox

I don’t know what she is doing with that apron, exactly, but her button pushing finger sure is hard at work.

4. In House ManiPedi with Proto-Roomba

From the fuzzy slippers, to the mani-salon, to watching TV in the middle of the day, to the cupcake – hamburger – milkshake trio coupled with her 14 inch waist going on, everything about this picture is a lie.

5. Doctor’s Visits:

See, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

So there you have it folks.

Jane Jetson’s vision of the future.

Just one ill-conceived, futuristic, anti-social facade after another.


2 thoughts on “Forget Flying Cars: How Was Jane Jetson The Future Mom??

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  2. Tamara,

    I thought this was such a fun and thought-provoking post that I couldn’t stop thinking about it (since Jetsons was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid).

    Decided to “steal your idea” and write about it from the other point of view today at I’m kind of blown away that some of the things they told us would happen someday – like seeing people when you talk to them on the phone – really did happen!

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