Who Are You?: Deep Thoughts in a Delicious Martini

One day I am going to have to actually get a martini shaker.

But today is not that day.  Since I still have responsibilities during the day, and martinis are definitely an afternoon drink.

One day 🙂

So, let’s kick off the first of June with some mind-bending quizzes!  Martinis or not….


Which Jung Archetype Best Describes You?

The Explorer
You’re the explorer! According to Jung we can find this archetype in many myths and fairy tales. You’re a restless nomad, always full of wanderlust. You see life as one big adventure and you’re always planning your next move. This archetype thirsts for new experiences and new people. You’re independent, adaptable, ambitious and true to yourself. Your sense of adventure is your greatest strength, but you may risk wondering aimlessly and you may find it difficult to choose a direction. Channel your adventurous spirit into something productive!
 “you’re always planning your next move.” That is my Achilles’ Heel.  It is very difficult for me to see “the now,” because my mind is plotting something to come.  What is next? What can I learn today? How can I change? What else can we do?

What Are Your 5 Dominant Traits?

You Are (1) Edgy, (2) Experimental, (3) Open-Minded, (4) Artistic, And (5) Intuitive
Your five dominant traits are: edgy, experimental, open-minded, artistic, and intuitive. You have a strong need for individuality, and are revolutionary in your core. You live on your own terms, and would take a fierce stand in the face of strong opposition. You are wild, obscure, and an improviser; and you favor variety to routine.
I remember one time I was working with a Pastor on some art stuff, and they said they wanted some “edgy” artwork on a bulletin board in the foyer.
So I put up Georgia O’Keefe paintings.
And it didn’t go well. And they were taken down.
That’s what “edgy” is, guys.

What Drives Your Life?

You are obsessed with work! You are a very busy person and don’t have time for the little things in life. You tend to lock yourself away so you can focus. People just don’t seem to understand how important life is! But you know, and if no one else is going to handle the big things, then you are going to do it yourself!
 I am enormously task oriented.  I can definitely see this.
I also tend to take over…although, I would rather not at this point in my life.  I used to take over everything when I was younger, but now…I’m okay letting someone else steer their own ships.  My fleet has its own adventure to discover in Carthage (I’m lookin’ at you, Aeneas).
The Loyal Friend
People see you as levelheaded and watchful. Although you do not make friends too quickly or easily, you are extremely loyal to friends you do make, and expect the same loyalty in return. You would favor a rational solution to an emotional one, and find a logical outcome to be worthwhile and rewarding.
 I am extremely loyal to my friends.  Extremely.  I love my friends to the ends of the earth.
And I dismiss my foes.

Can We Guess Your IQ?

IQ: 181 (WOW!!)


You are a genius! Your IQ range is 170 – 185!!!Only 0.1% of the population get this score.You have a passion for perfection, you like to challenge yourself, and you appreciate diversity. You are committed to personal aesthetics, excel in finding problems and solutions, and have a driving force to create. You have boundless imagination and an open mind. In simple words: You Are Simply A Genius!

Famous people who got similar scores are such geniuses as Quentin Tarantino and James Woods.


I don’t know, that’s pretty good for a facebook quiz. Do I finally get to go to Yale??


Name: Tamarah Ann Rockwood

Accomplishments: Got 180% on a Facebook IQ test

Graduate Degree Application: World Domination through blogging.


They would be fools to turn me away.

Demure, feminine and gentle with beautiful skin and shiny hair, your beauty is Japanese! Complete with grace, style and a sophisticated approach to the world, you are a modern day beauty with a bright and promising future! Now that’s beautiful!
This doesn’t surprise me too much.
The truth is that I look like every other brunette from Nova Scotia.  Round face, slightly pale skin, looming forehead, straight dark hair, strong but feminine body?
Scottish lineage from Nova Scotia.
Case in point: Ellen Page
Halifax, Nova Scotia: represent.

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