The Platypus Club.




The Platypus Club.

It is starting.


Loki approves.

“Listen, this is a crazy idea…and it is a little off the beaten path.

But I think we can do this.”

The thing is, if you identify with The Platypus Theory, then you are a Platypus.  Easy as that. And I think we should get together as a cool and groovy club once in a while. Except…

Except, most Platypi are not around my area.  Some are in SanFrancisco, some are in Costa Rica, I think there are one or two in LosAngeles.  There is another in the middle of California…so what am I going to do?

I’m going to have a club where I am….and you are going to have a club where you are.


Now, the thing with The Platypus Club is that it isn’t your normal club.

We aren’t going to have crafts, or speaker series’, or peddle stuff to each other.

We are there because when you meet a Platypus, you know it.  There is something different.  Something you can’t exactly put your finger on, but you can feel it. You can talk to them about religion, writing, politics, feelings, ideas, paleo recipes or face creams: it’s all good.

The Platypus Club is something akin to an alternative-Mother’s group.  Sure, we might be moms at this point in our lives: but we would really, sincerely like to have a group with other intelligent women where we are talking about subjects beyond the brand of toilet paper we use.  Granted, there are times when that is appropriate…and sometimes necessary.  But maybe we could talk about our 5 year plan.  Or even our 2 month plan.  Have a garden you can’t get going?  Dealing with an existential crisis this morning?  Not sure what to do with your unpublished manuscript?  Do you find yourself looking for exit strategies when you are stuck listening to conversations about where to buy picture frames for 45 minutes?

Listen, this is a crazy idea…and it is a little off the beaten path.

But I think we can do this.

I am planning on beginning my Platypus Club on the first Tuesday of the month.  Mostly because I found a pub with an Open Mic on that day, and I’m utilizing that baby in a big way.

I think you should have a Platypus Club in your area.

I think you should invite a fellow Platypus out for a once-a-month Club night.

Be the spark in your galaxy.

Have your own Platypus Club.

We can do this.

Who: Invite fellow Platypi.  If someone “doesn’t get it,” then I would say don’t push it. We are cool with who we are, despite whatever personal insecurities we might have (fear of big things in deep water, for example). The Platypus Club is not going to be a big club. We aren’t going to fill stadiums. But those who do want to come are some high quality individuals. You will remember being with them.

What: Have a beer, drink some tea, and own your night. It’s as easy as that. We have nothing to prove, and I certainly don’t think we need to conquer anything in particular. I think just an informal solidarity is pretty good. Overall, we are just chilling together because we have a very particular and unique understanding of each other…and that will speak volumes in itself.  No need to complicate things with budget forms or committees.

Where: I would suggest a Pub, personally, but that might feel too committal at first. We are a touchy, sensitive sort.  Start with a coffee house, and move up to a Pub.  Or, heck…start with a Pub and have a cool down in a coffee house.

When: First Tuesday of the month.  OR…whenever is good for you. It’s your club, baby 😉

That’s the plan!

Let’s make it happen!

/stickers and buttons coming soon!!


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