Just Be Cool. It’s Only Shoes. Just Be Cool.

I packed my heels 3 months ago, and I still can’t find them.

I am sure they are somewhere, in some box.  But I haven’t found the box, and I haven’t worn my heels in far too long.

Not that there is anywhere I could actually wear them, so I don’t see how it matters.  I’m not gong to wear my 5″ killer heels to the store, or to the Library.  It might be a little weird (not that this has ever stopped me before, for the record).  Even at church, there are a billion stairs and it is all uphill/downhill to get from the parking lot to the front doors, so it is kind of impossible to wear my amazing heels there.

I would love to find the box, regardless of whether I have anywhere to wear them.

Because my heels are awesome.


10959419_10205828103883825_5273276260381945854_nLast time I saw my heels.

In the absence of my fun shoes, I am finding myself perusing heels on Pinterest, and I am going to take you along with me.


First, I am going to lure you in with glass slippers.

Because we all want glass slippers.


Although I will tell you that they don’t exist, you are going to look anyway.  Because they are glass slippers.  Unbelievably awesome.

Then, I am going to tempt you with these babies:


Which may or may not be comfortable, because they are made out of metal…but they look so amazing, you will make sure you get your Tetanus booster shot to make it work.

But then, you need some shoes that you can actually wear.  And that actually exist.  So I give you this:


So cute and flirty!  And perfect for summer.  So much fun.  Perfect for picnic BBQs.

However, you aren’t on this site because you are swayed by cute shoes.  You need something of substance.



I mean, you could wear these with jeans and totally rock it.

And although you may like these sensible shoes, you need to be tantilized with something…unusual.  Something that breaks the conformity.  Something that tells the world, “She is somebody.

So I give you these:

530bcb60713890218a5489884948d3f0 a6f577277a54760fb509a9aa4d7c7a6b

But you don’t want to go too far…there are only a handful of places you can get away with antlers on your shoes, or chicken feet heels.

So we finish off with something classy


There you go.  Heels by Tamarah.


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