Are we doing the Thursday weigh-in?

Because I have seriously been working on this, and I finally have something to show.


There is a group of mothers I talk with online (I hesitate to say “mother’s group” because that isn’t what it is, exactly, per the nomenclature), and a few weeks ago we decided to do a Thursday weigh-in.  No judging, no condemnation, no recipe suggestions, no snarky comments.  We are all working on this for ourselves, and we are all going to be supportive and awesome to each other.  Those are the rules.

 I do weigh more than a duck, for the record.

So, after watching this thread for a few weeks, I get on board.  198.

Another week of 198.

Then 2 weeks ago I was 198 again. I was there for a long time, and it is at least 10 pounds more than last Fall before I found out we were moving. So I work on it, I’m thinking about the Thursday weigh- in…and last week I was 200 (shakes tiny fist).


This week I have made smoothies for myself. I bought freaking kale (KALE) and figured out how to cook it correctly (it was actually a grocer at Safeway who told me, because I was bugging her about “what is this” questions). I haven’t been snacking. I haven’t been eating chips. I actually cut beer out… Yay me! Anyway, more veggies, more smoothies, less snacking, much less emotional eating (thanks to much less emotional turmoil), although I did make myself a gluten free baked macaroni and cheese on Tuesday, which was kind of amazing.

And this morning I am 196 🙂




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