Time To Read: Top 5 Poems On My Reading List

If you thought I would have a reading list with zero poetry books on it…you are wrong, my friend!

Instead, I have a whole list dedicated JUST FOR POETRY.

I am so excited about some of these, I am freaking out because I can’t find my iPad cable to charge it (it is Dead McDeaderson) and thus am unable to upload some of these onto my Kindle app.

Which means I am going to have to wait.  And that kind of isn’t the point of ebooks.  Waiting.

Honestly, I have already ordered Tracy K. Smith’s new book, because I am a ridiculous fangirl of her work and I had no idea she had another book coming out, and I am furiously excited.  

Case in point: this is a picture of my desk right now.



I am still studying Life on Mars, because it is amazing.  I can’t even imagine another book of hers with this level of poetry.  If I ever wrote anything even remotely close to the work in Life on Mars, I would just hang my poetry hat up and call it a day.  That is as good as it gets, my friends.  I am done for the rest of my life, because it was that good.

But no: she writes another.

(you should get it too)

On to the list!

1) Ordinary Light: A memoir













5) Barely Composed: Poems

by Alice Fulton (Goodreads Author)

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