Who Are You? – Chocolate Covered Braaaaiiinnnssss

It is your monthly edition of “Who Are You?”!!

Are you excited??  Because I am excited.

It is a chilly, sunny day here on the island and I am kind of waiting for the sunlight to get a little more overhead before I go outside.  It is mid-50s all day, so bring a jacket.  And a scarf.  Apparently scarves are for more than just apparel…who knew?


On to the Chocolate Covered Brains!


What Is The Flavor Of Your Life?

Ben and I agree that this isn’t the right flavor.  It is actually Nutmeg.  You can put Nutmeg on anything and make it better, but you have to actually grate the nut, itself.  Be the nut.
The flavor of your life is chocolate! You are everyone’s favorite, most decadent treat because you’re gracious, compassionate and adventurous! You’re sweet enough to give anyone a toothache and just like chocolate, you have amazing taste and and really know how to go with the flow!

Do You Know Too Much?

I, indeed, know a little bit about everything.  This also means I don’t specialize in anything. Which is kind of irritating, but if you need to know whether or not penguins can be found in the Arctic, I’m your gal.  Unfortunately, I completely seize up when under pressure…so winning Jeopardy is out for me.
Your mind is like a huge storage and you never forget anything! You love to learn and discover new things, and fortunately for you, you remember every detail of it forever.
You know how to pronounce and even spell Benedict Cumberbatch, you know what Capital city of Netherlands is and we promise, if you go to the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game show – you’ll win!

Can We Guess Your Age By Your General Knowledge?

You are a mature & knowledgeable 55 year old!
I make too many fart jokes to be a “mature” 55 year old…
Based on your general knowledge, we guess that you are 55 years old!You are a mature person, well educated and creative, but you still have a lot to learn. Your life can be a little hectic at times as you try to juggle your career and family life, yet somehow you manage to do it.
You have accomplished a lot during your time on this planet, and we know that some of your greatest accomplishments are yet to come!


What Kind Of Smart Are You?

Science smart!
And yet I failed my Chemistry 1 class, and I will never fulfill my career as a marine biologist.  Hey, who wants to be a poet instead??  *raises hands*
You have the thirst for knowledge that most people can’t even dream about!
You have a very developed brain, one that always craves for challenge.
Since you were little, you’ve always known that you were smarter than the people around you, but you were very modest about it. You used your wisdom to help others, challenge them and make them strive to know more.
Now that you are an adult, you use your brain to investigate life’s true meaning.

What is Your Brain Actually Good At?

Logical Brain
 I honestly wonder what the other options are…if anyone gets a different answer, let me know!
You have a logical mind! You notice patterns and are stimulated by your curiosity. You like to get to the bottom of things, and try to base your conclusions on solid evidence. You’re an excellent problem-solver.


You were a warrior in your past life! Your personality reveals a strength and fighting spirit that few can match. You’re strong, determined, dedicated, and willing to sacrifice for what you believe in. Your past life was very difficult and full of struggle, but you were incredibly courageous and achieved a great deal. There’s a fire within you that will take you far in life. You may have had some rough patches already in this life, but rely on your inner warrior because nothing can stop you! What do you think about your past life as a warrior? Let us know!





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