It’s St. Patrick’s Day! How About Some Whiskey Reviews

Ralfy Whiskey Reviews


Ralfy really has the best reviews, and he has reviewed hundreds of whiskeys, bourbons, ryes and a few other odds n ends.  He has helped me understand the complexities in Islay whiskeys, and the subtleties in bourbons tremendously.  Ralfy is the best!

If I was being true to the day, I would give you reviews of Irish whiskeys.  But I don’t like Irish whiskies unless it is in my coffee.  So, I will give you some of my favorite Scottish whiskey reviews, and a couple American bourbon reviews.

This is his review of Islay, and Laphroig.  Very informative about the whiskey and the reigon.

This is Ralfy’s review of Octomore, which is so incredibly peated, it will knock your socks off.  Your eyelashes will be peated eyelashes after this drink…  But it is pretty amazing.

And then a few of my favorites…Knob Creek bourbon review

And Buffalo Trace bourbon, which is an absolutely lovely bourbon that I enjoy the most.


Finally, to round out  this is is a BBC “History of Ireland” that was very well done…

…and I enjoyed watching it almost as much as I thoroughly loved Neil Oliver’s “History of Sotland” series, which is paralleled.  Neil Oliver has done such an amazing job in exploring history, I could watch his videos every day and always learn something new.  I just realized I might be biased towards Scotland on this post.




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