5 Phrases You’ll Hear In A Big Family

We have 7 humans, 2 cats, a few chickens and a dog in this house…there are some phrases that come up frequently.

Statistically, given the number of people and the amount of things we do together, there are phrases that will come up sometimes.

There are phrases that will come up occasionally.

And there are phrases that will come up regularly.


1. “I Am Trying To Do My Work Alone…”

Ima just gonna stop you there, son.

I haven’t gone to the bathroom by myself for the past 10 years.  We have 7 people in this house at all times, and although we have lots of space inside, and a whole forest outside…we tend to like to hang out together.  That means you are doing your schoolwork with somebody either sitting next to you, near you, or on you.  Dinner is together, sleeping is together, playing is together and quiet time is together.

Now, granted, it is important to have some alone time.  It would be weird if we didn’t have some time by ourselves, at some point.  I have always said that I I really, really, need to be alone I take a shower.  Most of the time, this works!

But in the end, it is really better to work together.  I would rather be a part of my family and working with them on anything, than on my own.  When I work with my family, we come up with better ideas together, better plans, and better memories.  You can’t really beat that!




2. “Roll Your Window Up”

This seems weird, but it is a daily phrase for us.  In a car with 4 functioning windows, there is always someone who wants their window down.


Me: “Can you roll your window up?”

Her: “No. I’m singing my song.” (proceeds to sing her song to the world for the next 10 minutes)


Maybe this is really a metaphor for having 7 very independent people living together.  We all may be doing the same thing, or going to the same place, but we will each be doing it a little differently.  Some of us like to have the wind in our hair and roll their windows down, even when it is 36 degrees out, some of us like to take our shoes off in the car…and force us all to roll the windows down.  I’m just saying we all have our different things.


3.  3 out of 7 People Have Matching Socks.  

And that is just because they like matching socks (i.e., the boys).

The rest of us (i.e., the girls) are just glad we have socks.  Why would you want matching socks anyway?  What, are we going to get graded on whether or not our socks match every day?  Who are these matching sock gestapos, anyway?



4. We Buy In Bulk. The Cashiers At Costco Know Us By Name.

You show up to Costco every week an a half and buy pretty much the same things every time, with the same kids at the same hour of the day, and after a while they get to know you!

I have always liked this, honestly.  If I didn’t go, they would ask Ben how I was doing.  If Ben didn’t go, they would ask how he was doing.  They’ve always had nice conversations with our kids, and the kids have always had a good time talking with them.  There wasn’t a time when I dreaded going to Costco, because we always ran into friends at the end.

It isn’t exactly a small Mayberry general store, but it isn’t too far away either!  It just goes to show you that there are tons of good people out there, still.  And that’s awesome, and I love them.


Our Costco is just a little bigger than this, that’s all.





5. “Is The Laundry Done?”



But it’s in process, and we all have clothes.  And that’s something!


It isn’t the laundry system I use…but I kind of like the idea!



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