Who Are You?? – Fantasy, Fairytales and The Cunning Fox

I am up to my ears in packed boxes, and I almost thought I packed the coffee…but I am very happy to report that I wasn’t that dumb.  It was just somewhere else…just like everything else that I have packed into other elses.

Our goal was to only have packed boxes in the house.  No clutter, no piles.  Everything is either in a box or in the dumpster, and we have done pretty well accomplishing this!  The funny thing is, I had stuff laid out in front of our house for weeks with a sign saying, “Free Garage Sale,” and no one touched the stuff.  But put the same items in a dumpster, and all of a sudden there are guys with flashlights rummaging around in the middle of the night, every night.

Fun times.

So, for a little mental break to fly me away to mystical lands where giant eagles would move me, instead of UHaul trucks, how about a couple pick-me-up quizzes for this fine Friday?

…wait, it’s Tuesday.

Did I mention I packed the kitchen calendar, and I’m all messed up?

Which Mythical Creature is Hidden Inside You?


Larger than life…I have definitely gained a few pounds here and there.  Mostly on the here.

Hoarding a great treasure in the mountains…well, we are moving to a forest.

Setting my enemies on fire?….Check, check, check.

You are larger than life, stronger than most and some may say you’re hoarding a great treasure in your secluded cave in the mountains. Though some may want to slay you for your treasure, others admire you for your wisdom and grace. And if they don’t, you can always just sneeze at them and set them ablaze

Which Mystical Animal Is Your Best Friend?

The Cunning Fox
I have yet to meet a fox I didn’t like.
I also have yet to meet a fox.
They are that mysterious. 
The fox is very mysterious… They can be in groups of their own kind or they can be tamed. Once you look into their eyes you can see more than you would think. Also, you can see they are no different than you. They are happy loving creatures who are a lot of fun. They are also very spiritual beings. Also known on totem polls as the cunning trickster.

What Mythical Creature Describes Your Personality?

Unicorns are the masters of taking Emo to a whole new level.
They are pros at this “mysterious and gentle, but with a gigantic horn that can stab you” deal.
And then traipse off into the forest, without a care in the world.
You are a gentle spirit to those who treat you well, but you will hurt people who hurt you. You are a bit wary of people because they have hurt you so much. But when good people are around you, they always seem to feel a bit better. You are very compassionate and kind, even if you are a bit wild.

What Job Would You Have In Medieval Times?

A Witch Doctor
I think this is the only choice I have.
You are a very curious person. As a kid growing up in medieval times, you heard about a secret order of witch doctors that can heal every disease. You joined their order and learned all the secrets to this dark and lost ark. Now, you use your power and knowledge to help people. You are a truly great person!

Which Deadly Warrior Are You?

I rule the chessboard, Up Two, Across One!
Although, I really think I would be on par with Gawain more than, say, Lancelot.

You’re the sword-wielding slayer of the Medieval Age!You’re smart, sophisticated and loyal. You have a solid idea of morality and try your best to always do to the right thing. For this you have earned the respect of those around you. You’re very loyal and are willing to sacrifice yourself to help those you care for. You have a solid commitment to honor – never breaking a promise. When the going gets tough, you’re the one that your friends will call upon!!

Who Would You Be If You Weren’t Yourself?

A Princess
If you weren’t your regular self, you would be a prince or a princess! In an alternate reality, you are destined for royalty. For all the good fortune you have had in your life, you would give back to the people with lots of charity and good deeds, and everyone would adore you.

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