Packing Boxes: A Comedy

Sometimes in life, times can be hard.  We all go through these times, and it is through these times when we discover who we really are and what we are really made of.

I have found, during this past week of packing, that I am more willing to pack an entire house than I am to fold one load of laundry.

Case in point: 80% of the house is packed.  The laundry is still sitting next to my bed.


(this is not my washer, and I have no idea how it caught on fire. But I appreciate the sentiment.)


There is a definite comedic aspect to packing.

“Why on earth do we still have this…???”  “Why would I keep this…??”  “I don’t even know where we got this…” “Don’t give that to us…I’m not packing it.”


As we speak, I am packing my desk.  It…has been a while since I have brought a trash bag over here, it seems.  It isn’t until it is beyond the pale that you realize things have gone too far.  The craft projects I have piled and stashed around my desk is much too far.  I had to upgrade my grocery bag to a full on, ninja black hefty trash bag to take care of this defiled desk.


Preaching to the choir, Einstein.

So, to lighten the mood, and so I don’t fall into the pit of despair having to fully grasp how much I have ignored my desk and the ridiculous amount of fabric, glue guns, ribbons, spools of thread, paper clips, push pins, charger cables, baskets, paintbrush containers, and who knows what else I’m going to find…I looked for compatriots with whom I could commiserate.  I thought there would be more comedy sketches about packing, but I’m not really finding much out there. However, I did find one!


Brian Regan

I completely lost it at “girth units.”


“They’re boxes!  And they’re brown! And they have tape on them! Pick them up!”


Thank you, Brian.

Now back to packing my desk.

And ignoring the laundry.


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