Things Only Stressed Out Women Dream Of: Last Night, I Dreamt of Godzilla.


Indeed, I did dream of Godzilla last night.

At first, I saw him coming up out of the ocean.  His body was so huge, his bulk actually moved the water up and across the land, flooding the shores and nearby streets.  I watched him stride up and down the coast, planning his devastation on the little coastal town, staring down buildings and eyeballing structures.  His Godzilla screams were deafening, and the little people ran everywhere, trying to find a secure hiding place.

And then, suddenly, I was inside Godzilla and watched through his eyes the destruction of buildings with sonic screams.

It was crazy.  I didn’t fall back to sleep after that dream for quite a while…

A Godzilla dream is an indication that you are feeling that some part of your life has spiraled out of control. The situation you are struggling with in your life is winning out. It is getting the best of you and is begging to be taken care of. You need to analyze the situation and find the best solution for your problems. Then tackle it bit by bit. The out of control giant monster can be defeated little by little. By analyzing the Godzilla dream, you may even be able to find symbols of things that will help you overcome this out-of-control feeling.

Did I mention I just began to pack the kitchen last night?

Good heavens.  How many rusted cookie cutters do I need to throw out?  …many.  A broken popcorn maker I got the kids for Christmas a few years ago?  Why on earth do we still have this.  The busted Magic Bullet. The Magic Bullet cups I never use. 6 old vases, do I see 7?  They are all sitting outside by the trash can, as of last night.  I have 2 cupboards finished.  I have 2 more cupboards of similar natures, as well as 2 junk drawers stuffed to the gills with kite string, rubber cement jars, old bottles, sandpaper and who knows what else we have forgotten about.  All things that we are not taking with us, that’s for sure.

So, I might be a little more anxious than usual; which is understandable.  Ben suggested I take the kids to the park today, which is a good idea. We finally have a sunny day, and I think we all need a good, solid Vitamin D fix.

The thing, though, is that I don’t think I feel stressed.  We still have a few weeks to pack, and everything is coming along at a nice, even pace.  Today is a normal Monday, tomorrow will be a normal Tuesday.  Yet, Godzilla dreams might be a sign that my auto-repress function is working at full speed.

So, I’m going to stop being anxious and resume being awesome.

Got on the treadmill this morning, I’m showered and dressed….with shoes…and back in business.

Auto-Awesome: Engaged


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