Leaving California. I am leaving. California.

Ben just gave me a call, and he’s talking with our finance people to move stuff…he was just calling me to catch me up with what is going on with buying the house, which is great.  Everything is going fine.

He was talking about timelines, and we thought we would have to drive up to Seattle at least once in February to sign papers, but apparently they can FedEx them to us, which is great, because otherwise we’d be driving back and forth between the states way too much, and I was kind of stressing about how we were going to make that happen.  But then Ben was saying that we do have to do a walk-through 3 days before they close and we get the keys, just to make sure everything is the way it should be and the seller didn’t trash the house or anything.  So he is planning on renting the condo for a week to work in the office, and we’d do the walk through, and then 3 days later we get they keys to the house.

And all of a sudden I thought: when I have the keys to my house, I have no reason to go back to California.


I started sweating just thinking about this.

Things just got very real.

(I need to start packing).

I have no reason to go back to California.  I have no reason to go back to California.  I have no reason to go back to California.

I just can’t believe this.

I am leaving California.  I need to take a shower.  I’m sweating.


2 thoughts on “Leaving California. I am leaving. California.

  1. Joann

    In a few months, hopefully a few months, when this is me leaving, there is only going to be dancing feet and singing mouths! I can’t wait!

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