How Did I Not Know About Glass Fountain Pens??

Honestly, how did I not know about this??

I love my fountain pens to great depths.  And not for anorak purposes, or hipster reasons…there are a number of reasons why I will always have one on hand.  They are easier to write with, as opposed to Bic pens that have gummy ink.  The ink flows out of the nib easily, and it makes the function of writing so much more fluid.  I certainly have never lost one of the fountain pens, since they are more valuable to me.

And, to be frank, they are so much more fun to write with.

However, I have never heard of glass nibs.

And I am hooked.

Look at this!!  That is a beautifully crafted pen, out of glass!!!  Can you imagine how smooth this pen writes?

There are so many beautiful pens.  I am just speechless.







Fountain Pen Network

And, if you really wanted to amp up this craziness: scented ink.

03 Ink BottlesJ.Herbin Scented Inks

I’m thinking I have a new hobby.


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