5 Ways To Create Your Mom Village

Right now I am in the transitional, gray area of moving.

We haven’t yet started to pack, but people around us have started to emotionally pull away.

It’s part of leaving, but it’s never easy.

Plus, we are still in the tail end of  the holidays, and people are still super busy seeing family…and after this, school starts up again and then we’re going to be busy with that…

I’m just kinda chillin’ on my own these days.


Finding a Village is definitely the hardest part of being a Mom.  Particularly for introverts, and even more so for homeschoolers.


I thought we started the group at 10:30?  Am I early…or late?  …where is everyone.


I was just laying in bed under a very comfy electric blanket (because they are the bomb for cold days), and I was trying to think of ways to find new friends in our new home.

“Match.com – but for Moms. That would be extremely handy.” (I know meetup.com is supposed to be like that, but it has never been anything other than politely awkward…and I am trying to get away from that)


So here are some ideas I had on ways to Create A Mom Village

1. Pinterest Night Out

We all have a bazillion Pinterest boards with a gazillion ideas pinned.  But I know for a fact, we don’t have time to do them.  What I would love is to have one night a month where we can get together and work on our Pinterest crafts, or recipe books, or sewing, or whatever and share ideas together!

Childcare included.


2. Free Spirits Mom’s Club

Well, not entirely “free” spirits: I think if we had a group once a quarter where we did tastings of different alcohol groups, along with cheese and fruit pairings, it would be so much fun.  How to make the perfect white wine spritzer?  How to tell red wines apart? Can a lady really enjoy bourbon?  Tequilla – Beyond College.  Beer – Life After Michelob

Childcare, and sober drivers, included. We’re looking at you, husbands.


3.  The Bronte Sisters’ Book Club

I wouldn’t mind being in an honest to goodness book club, where we went through a book a month.  Meet at Starbucks once a month, and had an online forum for discussion?  I think that sounds reasonable.

Bookclub for the kids, included.


4. Giving Back

There are always needs around us, and most of the time they are hidden behind big smiles.  I would love to be part of a group that made information available for all the homeless shelters, women’s shelters, mentor programs, or things we come up with on our own.  What if we sewed 20 easy quilts, and gave them to the homeless when it is cold?  Or spent an afternoon bagging lunches for women’s shelters?  I know there are a million ideas we could do if we got together.

Child crafts, definitely included!


5. Our Secret Garden

I will be totally honest…I love getting little things from friends once in a while.  “I saw this and totally thought of you!” gifts.  You know what would be really sweet?  If we had a little group of women who drew a name, and once in a while we’d bring over a new plant for each other.  Flowers in the spring, tomato sprouts, basil clippings, compost, unused garden stuff…we could have little gardens filled with plants from friends 🙂

I really like this idea!!


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