Theme For 2015: The Balance of Magic and Meal-Planning.

Well, time is coming to theme next year!

2014 was to be more fun.  Find and really capture the joy in life, and I think we did that pretty well.

2013 was to love more, and that was a very helpful exercise.

2012 was the bigger picture, and I really enjoyed that year. That definitely broadened our hearts for bigger ideas and a bigger world.

2011 was when I started this whole theme business, and (had to think for a second…what was the theme back then…) that was “Build A Better Story.”  And that was what started this all.


So, here we are coming to 2015, and there are big plans coming up.

Big plans.


We are moving to a forest.  On an island.

I am so happy I could puke…this is what we have always wanted, and we are doing it.

A home, on an island.  Just for us.

You know you are an introvert, when….


The thing is, I could take this year one of two ways.

On one hand, I could say: “This is it.  This is where we have arrived, and we made it.  It is finally time to grow up and have set routines, and a vacuuming schedule, and exercise rituals…it is time for kale salad recipes!”

On the other hand…and I’m just being open about this, I’m kinda swinging this way…we are living in a forest on an island: “This is it. This is where we have arrived, and we made it…we can finally get away from vacuuming schedules and kale salad recipes!!”

Before I begin the next comment, I will give a big, fat disclaimer and say that I have loved the house we are living in now.  I had 3 pregnancies and 3 babies in this house, we have had 6 Christmases, quite a few birthday parties, gardens, chickens, whiskey in the backyard during the summer and nights in front of the fire in the winter.  It has been good for us here, in no uncertain terms.

However.  The thing I have hated most about this town is the lack of…hope, I guess.  Hope for a bigger world, hope for a better world, hope for a more interesting future.  The mother’s groups I’ve tried to attend have grown up here, and they are raising their kids here.  They aren’t going anywhere…I just don’t know how to do that.  Staying here, and walking these streets, for the rest of my life….forever…is the worst feeling. Ever.

 Panic…setting in….

There is just the core fiber of me that… doesn’t want to grow up.

Oh sure, I can do meal planning…I mean, you kinda have to in our house, otherwise the kids are eating PB&J for dinner every night.

IMG_0995 IMG_0996Apparently, she wanted another sandwich after lunch….we’re kinda independent, free-spiritish over here.

On facebook this morning, I was looking at the innumerable lists of cleaning schedules, food staple for $5 a week schedules, and  2-Week Healthy Detox Meal Planning, and it’s all recipes with crockpot oatmeal, or something with cauliflower crust (no, that is a bad idea) for dinner…and kale salad. With a smoothie infused with those seeds.  What are they called…gah, I can’t remember.

Anyway, it’s all boring, grown up stuff.  That is squishy and tastes bland.

And…growing up is the pits.

It totally is!  Wouldn’t you rather be riding your bike through a forest, discovering squirrel holes and chasing owls??

If you said no, then this post isn’t for you.  Maybe you should go…mop a floor, or something.

Listen, there is something magical about being a kid.  You don’t have to worry about taxes, or vacuuming, or the future or what you are having for dinner.  Mom and Dad have that taken care of for you.

So, my idea for this year is: how do I get back to adding magic to life, without sacrificing basic adult responsibilities?

My purpose as a parent is to love my kids; and that means I need to teach them how to feed themselves, how to dress themselves, how to learn, how to think, how to have responsibilities they are held accountable to.  All of this builds their character and integrity, and they will be (I mean, God-willing) happy, responsible adults who build their own lives out of their own dreams.

So this year is going to be the balance of Magic and Meal-Planning.

I don’t believe you have to choose between the two: I believe there can be a balance, and this year is going to be devoted to finding that balance.

It’ll be fun 🙂

I’m in a Tom Waits mood…


2 thoughts on “Theme For 2015: The Balance of Magic and Meal-Planning.

  1. Monika

    I had to look up the word ‘kale’. Now I know why I could get along without it the last thirty years.
    I wish you and your family a very happy New Year and that you can keep the balance though the big upcoming changes.

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