Daydreaming Notes: What If I Owned A Food Truck?

Man, I guarantee you this: my food truck would be AWESOME.


So, I watched Chef the other night, and it was a good movie.  Like, no one blew up, no one reached this epic pit of rock bottom…it was just a good story with a great cast.  I didn’t feel dirty or weird when it was over…I felt like I needed to get myself a food truck!





Seriously: Chef Jefe made cuban sandwiches.  He didn’t have this gigantic menu with weird stuff.  He just made sandwiches!  It was an easy idea, and a realistic goal.  And it worked.

(yes, I know this is a movie. Stay with me.)


So, just daydreaming here: 

What would I have on my menu if I had a food truck?

Wait, hold on…I need a killer name first:  Okay, I’m coming up blank with this one.  Ah. I know exactly what it would be.





Okay, so I got the catchy name.  Now, what’s on the menu?


The best way to pick good food is to think about what people like to eat in your house.

  • Gluten Free Turkey and Cheddar Panini
  • Tamarah’s Amazing Chili
  • Grubbin’ Shepherd’s Pie
  • Homemade Gluten Free Bread Pudding 
  • Tamarah’s Rosemary Pickles


and to drink

  • Tetly and Mint Iced Tea


That’s what I would do.  I could make all of those items every day, easy.


So how much do food trucks cost?  Not as much as you’d think! has a great site for food trucks for sale:


Screenshot 2014-10-29 17.19.51


So, put down $50,000 for the truck, equipment, license (~$1,000) and food…and you got yourself a business!

I don’t know.  That’s pretty awesome.



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