The Night I Didn’t Meet Cary Elwes.

Tonight was to be the night.

I was going to meet Mr. Cary Elwes.


giphyThat’s it, girls. Right in the feels.

If, for some reason, you don’t recognize that name…I guarantee you will recognize his face.

slide_252557_1563862_freeOh, that Cary Elwes!


He just wrote a book and is doing a book tour right now.  Yesterday night he was at an event an hour and a half away from me, and I was going to see him.

I had rearranged schedules this week to make sure I could make it to the event. The house was clean, I had everyone’s shoes, I had the address, I had the time of the event, I had the address and directions… the car was gassed up and I was ready to go.

Why, yes, I was going to take all the kids.  Ben was in meetings all night, so why not?  The kids get to meet Dread Pirate Roberts…you really can’t beat that with a stick.


Except, it didn’t happen.




Screenshot 2014-10-22 17.10.00




There aren’t enough curse words in the Oxford English Dictionary for this situation.


But here is why I am really upset:


Oh sure, Mr. Elwes is pretty dreamy…in a far away, living on unicorn dreams kind of dreamy…but there is something else about him that intrigues me.  There is something else I wanted to ask him:


“Elwes attended Harrow School in London”

Harrow School, commonly referred to as “Harrow”, is an English independent school for boys situated in the town of Harrow, in north-west London.[2] There is some evidence that there has been a school on the site since 1243, but the Harrow School of today was formally founded by John Lyon under a Royal Charter of Elizabeth I in 1572.[3] Harrow is one of the original nine public schools that were regulated by the Public Schools Act 1868

Its long line of famous alumni includes eight former Prime Ministers (including Churchill, Baldwin, Peel, and Palmerston), numerous foreign statesmen, former and current members of both houses of the UK Parliament, two Kings and several other members of various royal families, 20 Victoria Cross and one George Cross holders, and a great many notable figures in both the arts and the sciences. This year’s Good Schools Guide said “Parents looking for a top notch, blue chip, full boarding, all boys’ school will be hard-pressed to beat Harrow. This is a school on top of its game”.


This fine man went to Harrow.  Harrow is one of the most prestigious schools on the planet.  It is every parents’ dream to be able to send their children to Harrow.

How did he get there?  What were his motivations when he was a kid to do well?  What did his parents say to inspire him to greatness?  What kind of a kid was he when he entered, and how was he different when he left?  How did his experience there change his perspective on the world?

I wanted to pick his brain as a parent. How did his experience at Harrow influence how he is raising his child?


I want the best for my children, and this seemed like the most unique opportunity for me to pick up more tips on how to be an inspiring and supportive parent.  I don’t really know too much about Mr. Elwes, and I certainly don’t hold him on a pedestal of any sort.  He is still just a guy living life, raising a family.  But he has had experiences and opportunities that I will never see, and it seemed like an amazing time for me to glean information from a different perspective.
That’s what bummed me out the most. But oh well.  I’ll just keep my eyes open for more doors of opportunity….and BUY TICKETS WELL AHEAD OF TIME.


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