Those Stupid, Addictive Facebook Quizzes.

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I already know my gifts…why on earth do I need to take a quiz to find out?

Because I do. Deal with it.

What Kind of Coffee Are you?

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Well. Yes.

In reality I drink black coffee in the morning and the evening, but I drink coffee with cream and sugar in the afternoon, just for a little pick me up.  But for relaxing coffees I like macchiatos.

Not that this is saying anything about the quiz results…


What is Your Gift?

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The thing is, I read books to learn more about people, philosophies and ideas.  But there is no book on me…and I am still working on understanding myself.  I honestly take these silly tests to get little pieces to put together, and maybe I’ll get a better idea of who I really am, instead of who I think I should try to be.

The reason why I don’t have a tattoo is because my mind is just all over the place, and I would need a different tattoo daily. If not hourly.  Tattoos are just way too permanent for me.  One day I’m sewing and the next day I’m writing.  I need to mix it up a lot…and still be productive with them all and actually produce something from them; otherwise I’m just wasting my time.

So, this doesn’t surprise me too much. I’m always thinking, looking for something new to learn.  It is a bad time in Tamarahville when I run out of things to research…


Which Superhero Are you?

Screenshot 2014-10-04 14.32.09

Of course I am Batman.  Good heavens, who else would I be?  Ironman?? *maniacal laughter* whew…nope. Lives in a cave? Has weird hobbies that may or may not destroy the world?  Gets stuck in odd pits in the middle of deserts?  Has few friends he sees occasionally? Sucks at domestic duties?


Need I say more.


What Is One Word To Describe You?

Screenshot 2014-10-04 14.34.42

This is totally true.  It doesn’t occur to me to delegate tasks. I don’t want to pressure people into doing something, I don’t want to make someone do something they aren’t good at, I don’t want to keep on top of the task to make sure it gets done…and I really don’t want to hear whining about it.  If you want to do something, go do it.

This is an absolutely fantastic strength to have in life. Until you have to do a group project. Or someone says, “You don’t work well with others, do you?” And then it is a huge thorn, and I have a large spoonful of guilt for blazing my own trails.

Batman understands.


What Kind of Fairytale Creature Are You?

Screenshot 2014-10-04 14.36.51

Anyone remember David the Gnome on Nickelodeon in the 90s?  Man that was a crazy show.


What is Your Brain Like?

Screenshot 2014-10-04 14.41.15

And I think this is the gist of it all.  I am looking for patterns in myself, mainly so I can stay a step ahead of myself!



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